Housing View – June 10, 2022

On cross-country:

  • Vulnerabilities in the housing sector from rising mortgage rates – OECD
  • Is the global housing market heading for a downturn? Interest rate rises are cooling house price growth in both Europe and the US but experts cite several reasons for relative optimism – FT

On the US:    

  • Measuring the Value of Rent Stabilization and Understanding its Implications for Racial Inequality: Evidence from New York City – SSRN
  • How did house and stock prices respond to different crisis episodes since the 1870s? – Economic Modelling
  • Housing Market Hot but Not a Bubble, Economists Say – Zillow
  • Home prices could fall, but is it a bubble? – NPR
  • The Housing Market Is Finally Chilling Out. Rising mortgage rates and a cloudy economic outlook are bringing back the balance the US desperately needed. – Bloomberg
  • Three signs the US housing boom is petering out – Quartz
  • Lumber Price Gets Chopped in Half Amid Chill in Housing Markets. Futures sink as soaring prices make homes less affordable. Potential home buyers having second thoughts, analyst says – Bloomberg
  • How to Make Housing Less Affordable. Cutting FHA premiums will help Realtors, not new home buyers. – Wall Street Journal 
  • Housing Boom Fails to Lift All Homes Above Previous Cycle’s Peak. In 477 U.S. cities, the typical home value at the end of April was below peak levels from the early 2000s – Wall Street Journal
  • Solving the Housing Crisis will Require Fighting Monopolies in Construction – Minneapolis Fed
  • Commercial Property Sales Slow as Rising Interest Rates Sink Deals. Sector shows first signs of cooling in over a year as higher borrowing costs narrow pool of buyers – Wall Street Journal
  • Pandemic Housing Boom Puts More US Buyers in Path of Wildfires. US buyers who fled big cities are pushing up property prices in areas at high risk of burning – Bloomberg

On other countries:  

  • [Australia] How the two iron laws of Australia’s property market put the squeeze on every generation. Buyers today will be stretched to their limit, just as they were by the interest rates of the late 1980s – The Guardian
  • [Canada] Variable-rate mortgage borrowers enduring fastest rate hikes since 1990s – The Globe and Mail
  • [Chile] Is There Financialization of Housing Prices? Empirical Evidence from Santiago de Chile – Economies
  • [Colombia] The effects of public housing on children: Evidence from Colombia – NBER
  • [Hong Kong] Hong Kong’s Property Market Isn’t a One-Way Bet Anymore. City’s property prices have had some dips and bumps but have been more or less irrepressible. That might be about to change. – Wall Street Journal
  • [United Kingdom] Britain’s overstretched electricity grid is delaying housing projects. The grid needs to be expanded to cope with the demands of net zero – The Economist
  • [United Kingdom] Soaring house prices have changed the game – even small interest rate rises will hurt millennials. Even if rates stabilise at about 5% and wages grow, the mortgage burdens of newer homeowners won’t decline much – The Guardian
  • [United Kingdom] Johnson Vows UK Housing Reforms in Bid to Quell Tory Revolt. Speech is chance for premier to make true on promises to MPs. PM will again vow to ‘unlock’ home ownership, boost housing – Bloomberg

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