Housing View – February 23, 2024

On cross-country:

  • Global house prices close to bottoming out, BIS stats show – Central Banking
  • BIS residential property price statistics, Q3 2023 – BIS
  • Where are Europe’s most expensive cities for renters? – The Economist

Working papers and conferences:

  • Why we need a green land value tax and how to design it – VoxEU
  • Mortgage Borrowing Limits and House Prices: Evidence from a Policy Change in Ireland – SSRN
  • Fifty Shades of the US States: News Media Coverage and Predictability of House Prices – SSRN
  • Does Affordability Status Matter in Who Wants Multifamily Housing in their Backyard? – SSRN
  • The Redistribution of Housing Wealth Caused by Rent Control – SSRN

On the US—developments on house prices, rent, permits and mortgage:    

  • The Housing Market Still Has Hot Spots. 10 Places Where Prices Are Soaring. – Barron’s
  • 3rd Look at Local Housing Markets in January; California Home Sales Up 5.9% YoY in January – Calculated Risk
  • New Construction Activity Falls in January, Led by Multi-family – Realtor.com
  • Single Family Built-for-Rent Almost Doubled Since 2020. Quarterly Housing Starts and Completions by Purpose and Design – Calculated Risk
  • Rents Are Cooling, but Not Everywhere – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey – Fannie Mae

On the US—other developments:    

  • Opportunity Zone Housing Markets Still Tracking Along with Broader U.S. Housing Market – Los Angeles Times
  • The hottest trend in U.S. cities? Changing zoning rules to allow more housing – NPR
  • US unions target the housing affordability crisis as their ‘biggest issue’. Organized labor across the country is now setting its sights on housing costs as rents and mortgages continue to soar – The Guardian  
  • Realtors Are in Crisis—and Home Buyers Could Be the Winners. A wave of lawsuits over fees paid to agents has put the giant trade association on the defense; ‘it got arrogant’ – Wall Street Journal
  • Berkeley’s Upzoning Would Be Among Nation’s Largest. A proposal to end exclusionary zoning would allow for 100,000 more homes in Berkeley’s neighborhoods. – The Discourse Lounge
  • Investor home purchases halved since the height of the pandemic housing boom. Investors purchased 50% fewer homes in Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2021, according to the latest Redfin data. – Fast Company
  • Did Wall Street kill the American Dream of homeownership? It depends on where you live – Fortune 
  • The Great Compression. Thanks to soaring housing prices, the era of the 400-square-foot subdivision house is upon us. – New York Times
  • The high cost of promoting homeownership. It’s individually rational, but collectively dysfunctional – Slow Boring
  • New Single-Family Home Size Moves Lower – NAHB
  • Good Times, Bad Times: Eviction Edition. Plus: Voters in Massachusetts reject state-mandated upzonings, Florida localities rebel against a surprisingly effective YIMBY reform, and lawsuits target missing middle housing in Virginia. – Reason

On China:

  • China seen cutting mortgage reference rate for first time since June – Reuters
  • China cuts mortgage-linked lending rate by record amount to aid property market. Five-year loan prime rate reduction unlikely to offer imminent relief to flagging home sales, analysts say – FT
  • China’s Property Crisis: Inside a Ghost Town of Abandoned Mansions – Wall Street Journal

On other countries:  

  • [Canada] Trudeau’s welcome mat for immigrants wears thin amid Canada housing crunch – Reuters
  • [France] Macron has a big housing headache. Olympics are making it worse. The French government has made tackling the housing crisis a priority in an attempt to improve living conditions for the middle class. – Politico
  • [Germany] German house prices are in freefall – Global Property Guide
  • [Israel] How Israel turned homeowners into YIMBYs. Homeowners are often the biggest opponents of building new homes. An Israeli reform reversed this by making homeowners the main beneficiaries of development. – Work in Progress
  • [Italy] Italy’s sluggish housing market – Global Property Guide
  • [Ireland] Mortgage holders paying up to €7,292 in extra charges per year by not switching. Online broker doddl.ie has urged mortgage holders to shop around for better rates – The Irish Times
  • [Ireland] Ireland’s Biggest Private Residential Landlord Avoids Investor Takeover. Irish Residential key to country resolving its housing crisis. Vision Capital Corp. had tried to overthrow the board – Bloomberg
  • [Ireland] Governments used to boast about higher house prices – not anymore. Increasing property values were once seen as reflective of a strong economy and therefore trumpeted by incumbent administrations – The Irish Times
  • [Germany] Berlin’s Housing Slump Is Over as Shortage Lures Investors. The prospect of higher rents in the German capital is countering the downward pull of financing costs – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] How likely is a recovery in the UK housing market? Falling mortgage rates and an uptick in agreed sales offer encouragement. But economic risks remain – FT
  • [United Kingdom] UK to Toughen Rules on Short-Term Lets to Tackle ‘Hollowing Out’ – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] Government to outline new curbs on short-term lets in England. Local residents being pushed out of tourist hotspots prompts response – FT
  • [United Kingdom] UK Home Asking Prices Rise as Mortgage Relief Spurs Activity. Rightmove says price of new listings now higher than year ago. Findings are further evidence of market recovering momentum – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] Mortgage lending to older UK borrowers slumps. Higher interest rates hit the market for the over-55s – FT
  • [United Kingdom] UK Homeowners Are Proving More Resilient Than Once Feared. Affordability tests help ensure mortgage market’s resilience. Those re-mortgaging benefit from falling borrowing costs – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] Jeremy Hunt draws up plans for 99% mortgage scheme. UK chancellor’s move aims to reassure voters that Conservatives represent the interests of homeowners – FT
  • [United Kingdom] Everything about Cambridge is booming — except housing supply. The population has been rising as jobs in biotech and pharma proliferate but the city struggles to build enough homes – FT

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