Housing View – September 8, 2023

On cross-country:

  • The growing global movement to restrain house prices. From America to New Zealand YIMBYs push market-led solutions – The Economist
  • Only five cities worldwide are more unaffordable than Sydney for housing, thinktank says. Committee for Sydney urges residents to ‘become a yimby’ after finding housing crisis costs economy more than $10bn per year – The Guardian
  • To fix broken mortgage markets, look to Denmark. Rising interest rates have exposed the problems with many home loans – The Economist
  • Global house price downturn fades, most markets to rise in 2024: Reuters poll – Reuters
  • A new blow for Generation Rent. The young and lower-paid are being priced out of housing lets as well as purchases – FT

Working Papers and Conferences

  • COVID and cities, thus far – VoxEU
  • Housing Adequacy in Delhi, Dhaka and Karachi: Lessons for Promoting Sustainable and Inclusive Housing in Developing Countries – SSRN
  • Ethnicity in Housing Markets: Buyers, Sellers and Agents – SSRN
  • Returns to Homeownership and Inequality: Evidence from the First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit – SSRN
  • Forecasting Housing Prices with Network Information – SSRN  
  • Can Measurement Error Explain Slow Productivity Growth in Construction? – SSRN  
  • Housing Market Responses to the Mortgage Interest Deduction – SSRN  
  • Effect of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy Shocks on Housing Prices in Canada – SSRN  
  • Post-Foreclosure Trajectories in the American Rental Market: Focus on the Trade-Offs between Neighborhood and Housing Outcomes – SSRN  
  • The impact of upzoning on housing construction in Auckland – SSRN  

On the US—developments on house prices, rent, permits and mortgage:    

  • Rising Rents Are Hitting American Suburbs Hardest. Suburban rent growth exceeds its urban counterpart in 28 of 33 metro areas, a new study finds – Wall Street Journal
  • Asking Rents Down 1.2% Year-over-year – Calculated Risk
  • How Biden’s goal to boost Black homeownership could be undone by a new mortgage rule. `These requirements would have the impact of exacerbating the already too-high homeownership gap,’ said Marc Morial, head of the National Urban League. – Politico

On the US—other developments:

On China:

  • China stirs hope in property market with latest stimulus plan. Beijing seeks to rekindle growth in economically crucial sector but investors remain cautious – FT
  • Debt Crisis Threatens to Engulf China’s Surviving Developers. About two-thirds of 50 major private builders are defaulters. The 16 survivors face $1.5 billion bond payments this month – Bloomberg
  • China Cuts Down Payment, Mortgage Rates in Stimulus Drive. National down payment for first time home purchases cut to 20%. Cities can decide their own rate according to market condition – Bloomberg
  • China boosts housing market and renminbi support. Cheaper mortgages offered in biggest cities while central bank eases foreign exchange reserve requirements – FT
  • Beijing Eases Mortgage Rules for More Buyers to Spur Sales. Shanghai also expanded definition of first-time buyers. Central government has given leeway to local officials – Bloomberg

On other countries:

  • [Australia] Australia Property Prices Accelerate as Supply Shortfall Bites. Swelling population is absorbing housing that comes to market. That’s despite 12 interest-rate hikes from RBA to cool demand – Bloomberg
  • [Australia] Australian Homes Are Least Affordable in 30 Years After Hikes. Households on median income could afford to buy 13% of homes. RBA hiked interest rates aggressively to try to cool inflation – Bloomberg
  • [Canada] The Housing Crisis Isn’t Going Anywhere Until We Tackle Property Wealth Inequality. The housing crisis will never end without levying forceful taxes against real estate speculators and investors. A recent report outlines the necessary actions to impose taxes that can actually narrow the wealth gap and alleviate the housing emergency. – Jacobin
  • [Canada] Canada to change how it counts foreign students, workers amid housing crunch – Reuters
  • [India] India house prices on track for steady rises, affordability to worsen: Reuters poll – Reuters
  • [New Zealand] New Zealand House Prices Post Smallest Decline This Year – Bloomberg
  • [Portugal] Portugal Home Prices Defy Rate Hikes on Strong Foreign Demand. Real estate developer says about 65% of buyers are foreigners. High property prices caused by foreign demand, housing crunch – Bloomberg
  • [Sweden] Swedish Housing Prices Rise for Third Month, Defying Rate Rise – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] UK House Prices Fall the Most in 14 Years, Nationwide Says. First figures for August signal the downturn is intensifying. Sharp increase in mortgage costs is weighing on buyers – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] London’s bidding war escalates as rising rates hit buy-to-let. Tenants in the UK capital face surging rents and eviction as landlords pass on pressure from higher borrowing costs – FT
  • [United Kingdom] UK Housing Downturn Moves Into New Phase With Prices Falling Even Faster. Property market under pressure from spiraling mortgage costs. Home deals, demand, mortgage approvals all dropped this summer. – Bloomberg

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