Housing View – December 9, 2022

On cross-country:

  • Global Home Prices to See Declines or Lower Growth in 2023 – Fitch Ratings
  • Global Housing and Mortgage Outlook – 2023 – Fitch Ratings
  • Don’t Look Up: House Prices in Emerging Europe – IMF
  • From New York to Hong Kong, how renting became unaffordable everywhere. In today’s newsletter: It’s not just the UK struggling with soaring rent and living standards – these four cities tell the story of a worldwide market in crisis – The Guardian
  • Savills Global Residential Agent Sentiment Survey – Savills
  • Waking a Sleeping Giant: Reflections from ADB’s 1st Asia-Pacific Housing Conference – Way Forward Housing Colatition
  • How to solve the housing crisis – FT

On the US—developments on house prices, rent, permits and mortgage:    

  • Renters Are Finally Catching a Break. After 18 months of blistering growth, cooling demand in the housing market is forcing landlords to tone down their pricing. – Bloomberg
  • U.S. house prices to fall 12% peak to trough: analysts – Reuters poll – Reuters
  • Black Knight Mortgage Monitor: Home Prices Declined in October; Down 3.2% since June – Calculated Risk
  • Housing Costs, Inflation’s Biggest Component, Are Poised to Ease. New rents are already softening, but that might not show up in official inflation data for months because of measurement delays – Wall Street Journal

On the US—other developments:    

  • What’s Going On With the Housing Market? Home buyers and sellers are trying to make sense of a downturn that’s full of contradictions: Demand has seized up but supply is still low; prices are sliding but not plummeting; and no one can agree on what comes next – Wall Street Journal
  • The Economic and Housing Markets Outlook – American Action Forum
  • U.S. construction spending falls in October on single family housing – Reuters
  • Once-Affordable US Housing Markets Are Now Out of Reach for Most – Bloomberg
  • A Big Chill Is Here for the Housing Market. Next Year Could Bring More Trouble. Affordability is still an issue, mortgage rates will remain high, and homes are sitting on the market longer. It all adds up to a stalled 2023 for real estate. – Barron’s
  • Single-Family Construction Slows in Post-Covid Hot Markets – NAHB
  • Q3 Update: Delinquencies, Foreclosures and REO – Calculated Risk
  • Irish House Prices Set for New Records on High Rents, Tight Supply. Rents in Ireland rose almost five times EU average in 12 years. New homes have failed to keep pace with population growth – Bloomberg
  • 1st Look at Local Housing Markets in November. Early reports suggest another step down in sales – Calculated Risk
  • Top Housing Markets for 2023. Amid Higher Costs in 2023, Housing Markets in Affordable, Mid-Sized Manufacturing Hubs will Stay Busy – Realtor

On other countries:  

  • [India] India’s housing market to remain resilient, defying global downtrend: Reuters poll – Reuters
  • [Germany] Germany’s housing market is facing a serious downturn in prices, analysts say – CNBC
  • [Greece] Cheap loans set to give young Greeks a shot at a home of their own. Government programme will offer mortgages for as little as 1% to address an affordability crisis – FT
  • [Sweden] Swedish House Prices Drop Again as Market Woes Deepen. Home prices have lost up to 13% from 2022 peak, realtor says. Nordic country’s housing market suffers as interest rates rise – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] The Guardian view on housing politics: a clash of false alternatives. Communities deserve better than a choice between developers’ financial interests and local nimbyism – The Guardian
  • [United Kingdom]  How Far Will UK House Prices Fall? The UK isn’t the most vulnerable global housing market, but a significant fall is still on the cards. – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom]  UK house prices fall at fastest rate in 14 years, says Halifax. Rising borrowing costs squeeze prospective homebuyers, sparking a 2.3% decline for November – FT
  • [United Kingdom] The Optimistic View on UK House Prices. If mortgage rates stay put and the labour market remains strong, a UK house price crash isn’t a certainty – Bloomberg  
  • [United Kingdom] UK construction growth slows as mortgage rates hit housing market. Concerns over economic outlook and cancelled sales curtail building projects, survey finds – FT
  • [United Kingdom] Britain’s ‘Jobs-Rich’ Recession May Limit Drop in Housing Market. RICS says prices and new buyer inquiries fell in November. Tight labor market means many people may remain in work – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] We can’t build our way out of the growing housing crisis – The Guardian

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