Housing View – December 16, 2022

On cross-country:

  • Housing Market Stability and Affordability in Asia-Pacific – IMF 
  • Global house price fall underway won’t do much for affordability, say analysts – Reuters
  • European house prices may be on the verge of falling, risk watchdog says – Reuters
  • Cuatro acciones para reducir el déficit de vivienda mediante activos públicos – Inter-American Development Bank

On the US—housing forecasts for 2023

  • 2023 Housing Forecasts – Calculated Risk
  • Is The Housing Market Slowing Down: Redfin 2023 Predictions – Forbes
  • What Does 2023 Hold for the Housing Market and Property Industry? – CoreLogic
  • The Housing Market Will ‘Rebalance’ in 2023, Experts Predict. What That Means for You – Next Advisor  

On the US—developments on house prices, rent, permits and mortgage:    

  • The Rent Control Bandwagon Rolls On – Cato
  • Waiting for Home Prices to Drop? Bad Strategy. House prices may be declining in San Jose and Austin, but buyers looking in other markets won’t see much of a discount. – Bloomberg
  • Housing Inflation Is Still Hot, But Mortgage Rates Could Ease Further – Barron’s
  • Current State of the Housing Market; Overview for mid-December. A Sharp Decline in Sales, House Prices and Rents Falling – Calculated Risk

On the US—other developments:    

  • The American Dream Needs an Extensive Renovation. To address a worsening housing crisis, stop limiting supply and subsidizing the wrong kind of demand. – Bloomberg
  • How Did the Housing Market Get So Unaffordable for So Many? Recent volatility in home prices and rents has been a long time coming. Fixing it will require abandoning outdated policy frameworks. – Wall Street Journal 
  • The Federal Reserve Is Deflating Financial Bubbles, Without a Crash. Cryptocurrencies, house prices and tech stocks are coming down. Financial strains so far seem contained, observers say – Bloomberg
  • Mortgage Equity Withdrawal Still Solid in Q3. Homeowners now relying on Home Equity lines to extract equity – Calculated Risk
  • Why the Dream of Turning Empty Offices Into Housing Is a Bust. Downtowns could use it, but that’s not enough. – Slate
  • 2nd Look at Local Housing Markets in November. Another step down in sales in November – Calculated Risk
  • Housing, Inflation and Why the Fed Should Consider a Pause – Calculated Risk
  • Applications to Buy US Homes Rise as Mortgage Rates Hold Steady – Bloomberg
  • Readout of White House Meeting with State Legislative Leaders on Housing Affordability – White House
  • The Internet Made The Housing Market Less Rational – Real Estate Decoded  

On China:

  • How China’s Property Developers Got Into Such a Mess – Washington Post

On other countries:  

  • [France] Housing crisis prompts French students to escape to the country – The Guardian
  • [Ireland] Increasing future housing supply: What are the implications for the Irish economy? – ESRI
  • [Israel] Israeli lawmaker tables bill to limit banks raising mortgage rates – Reuters
  • [Netherlands] Netherlands to Cap Rents of Thousands of Homes at $1,172. Over 300,000 homes will have their rent reduced by around €190. Landlords who charge too high rents will soon risk fines – Bloomberg
  • [New Zealand] New Zealand house prices to bust then boom – Macro Business
  • [New Zealand] New Zealand house prices fall as interest rates bite -REINZ – Reuters
  • [Sweden] Sweden’s Free-Falling Property Market Triggers Worst Economic Slump in EU. Home values in Sweden are now down 15% from their peak. Commercial real estate has been identified as the main risk – Bloomberg
  • [Sweden] Swedish Households Turn Gloomier on Outlook for Home Prices. Almost six in ten see more housing weakness in SEB survey. Most local forecasters expect 20% price slide from peak level – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] UK Home Asking Prices Are Falling at Sharpest Pace in Four Years. Buyers wait to see whether next year will bring more stability. Rightmove forecasts a 2% fall in asking prices over next year – Bloomberg 
  • [United Kingdom] The UK Housing Market Is at Risk of a Deep Freeze. A stalemate between sellers and buyers is likely — until and unless desperation sets in. – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] London’s house prices fall as all other regions rise. Average cost of UK home £33,000 higher in October than last year – FT

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