The global housing market is heading for a brutal downturn

From the Financial Times:

“At the end of 2021, things looked rosy for the global housing sector. Across the 38 countries in the OECD, house prices were growing at the fastest pace since records began 50 years earlier.

Analysis of data from Oxford Economics, a consultancy, shows a similar trend. In 41 countries, from Norway to New Zealand, house prices were rising, bolstered by record low borrowing costs and buyers with savings to spend. Arguably, there had never been a better time to own a home.

Not even a year later, and the picture is completely different. While homeowners around the world are reckoning with increasingly unaffordable mortgage payments, prospective homebuyers are facing house prices that are rising faster than incomes. In the background, a global cost of living crisis deepens.

What has changed, of course, is the spectre of rising prices and the economic shock of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

This fuelled a surge in inflation — now at multi-decade highs in many countries — which prompted central banks around the world to sharply tighten monetary policy. The OECD also predicts that real-term wages are likely to fall next year.

The upshot is that a pandemic-induced housing boom in the world’s richest countries is likely to be followed by the broadest housing market slowdown since the financial crash. This, in turn, could add further pressure on to flagging economies.”

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