Housing View – May 6, 2022

On cross-country:

  • Changes in the geography housing demand after the onset of COVID-19: First results from large metropolitan areas in 13 OECD countries – OECD
  • EU Plans to Block Russians From Buying European Real Estate. Measure to affect Russian nationals, residents and entities. Member states must sign off on ban, which is subject to change – Bloomberg

On the US:    

  • The Extraordinary Wealth Created by the Pandemic Housing Market. Rarely have so many Americans gained so much equity in so little time, but it’s also inseparable from the housing affordability crisis. – New York Times
  • Joe Biden Takes Another Stab at Zoning Reform. The administration is proposing to spend $10 billion over ten years incentivizing local and state governments to remove regulatory barriers to new housing construction. – Reason
  • Is Real Estate a Shelter From Inflation? Not Always. Property is typically considered a haven when prices are rising. This time, investors should be choosy about where they put their money. – Wall Street Journal
  • How the pandemic has changed American homebuyers’ preferences. They are flocking to warm suburbs – The Economist
  • The Fed wants to cool the U.S. housing market. Here’s what that feels like – Reuters
  • Home Buyers Are Finding Ways to Take the Sting Out of Rising Mortgage Rates. More borrowers are paying upfront fees and considering adjustable-rate mortgages to lower their monthly payments – Wall Street Journal
  • The Policymaking Implications of Record-High Mortgage Origination Profits During the Pandemic – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • What Does Affordable Housing Do to Nearby Property Values? A new Urban Institute study examined low-income housing in Alexandria, Virginia, to look for new answers to an age-old question. – Bloomberg
  • First-Time Homebuyers are Driving the Market Forward – Freddie Mac
  • A housing crash is unlikely, but a correction could be around the corner. Here’s the difference. – Business Insider
  • Are soaring US property prices here to stay? Two analogous periods — 2007 and 1843 — offer big clues to what happens next – FT

On China

  • Mobility restrictions and their implications on the rental housing market during the COVID-19 pandemic in China’s large cities – Cities
  • Why easing policies might not revive China’s property market any time soon – Straits Times
  • China Bets the House on New Houses – Council on Foreign Relations

On other countries:  

  • [Australia] New policies barely lighten the load when it comes to affording a home –Sydney Morning Herald
  • [Canada] Canada open to Politicians are selling us a myth on housing: that more supply will be ou salvation – Globe and Mail
  • [Canada] From boom to glut: Canada’s housing plan could backfire on Trudeau – Reuters
  • [New Zealand] RBNZ Says Sharp Housing Correction ‘Plausible’ as Rates Rise – Bloomberg 
  • [United Kingdom] Mortgage rate rises point to slowdown in UK housing market. Higher home loan costs and the cost of living crunch are bringing caution to buyers – FT

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