Housing View – April 29, 2022

On cross-country:

  • What’s causing the global rental squeeze? As pandemic restrictions ease, a frenzied scramble for rented property is leading to spiralling prices, bidding wars — and despair – FT

On the US:    

  • Lessons learned from housing policy during COVID-19 – Brookings
  • Another housing bubble? ‘We’re skating close to one,’ says Realtor.com economist – Fortune
  • Is the US housing market headed for a price correction? – The Hill
  • The odds of a home price decline hitting your local housing market, as told by one interactive chart – Fortune
  • Don’t Count On a Housing Slowdown to Improve Affordability. This would be a downturn engineered by the Federal Reserve, and rising mortgage rates in a tight market will generally just make buying a home more expensive. – Bloomberg
  • Home Prices Have Begun Falling: Here Are the Cities Where They’re Down the Most – Realtor
  • The Hottest Places to Live Now Are Often the Most Affordable. In The Wall Street Journal/Realtor.com Emerging Housing Markets Index, Rapid City, S.D., metro area ranks No. 1 for quarter – Wall Street Journal
  • Red Hot Remodeling Growth Expected to Ease into 2023 – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • U.S. homebuilders to feel pricing pinch from rising mortgage rates, inflation – Reuters
  • Pittsburgh Will Force Private Developers To Build Affordable Housing. These “inclusionary zoning” policies have a record of increasing housing costs and suppressing new housing supply. – Reason
  • Some Home Buyers Turn to Alternative Financing as Other Options Dwindle. A new study found that even creditworthy shoppers may be unable to find traditional mortgages. But the arrangements often lack typical consumer protections. New York Times
  • Why the Road Is Getting Even Rockier for First-Time Home Buyers. Investors and corporations are buying up houses and turning them into rental properties. In Charlotte, N.C., that is adding to the hurdles facing would-be buyers navigating a brutal market. – New York Times
  • It’s Not That Simple: Housing shortage, a review – The Berkshire Edge
  • The burgeoning role of ibuyers in the housing market – Real Estate Economics
  • Housing demand and remote work – San Francisco Fed  
  • Redesigning the housing market to build an architecture of equality – Brookings
  • Neighborhood Choice After COVID: The Role of Rents, Amenities, and Work-From-Home – NBER

On other countries:  

  • [Canada] Canada open to more measures to curb housing speculation, minister says – Reuters
  • [New Zealand] New Zealand’s cooling housing market means opportunity for some, angst for others – The Guardian
  • [New Zealand] NZ cenbank to finalise debt servicing curbs framework for mortgage lending by late 2022 – Reuters
  • [Singapore] Singapore Home Prices Grow at Slowest Pace in Almost Two Years. Private home values inched 0.7% higher from previous quarter. Slowdown comes as curbs on property rein in housing boom – Bloomberg
  • [Singapore] Singapore’s Housing Shortage Risks Bid to Cool Home Prices. Tight supply, resilient demand may undermine cooling measures. Developers have little incentive to lower prices, analysts say – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] House prices, the distribution of household debt and the refinancing channel of monetary policy – IDEAS
  • [United Kingdom] U.K. House Prices, Meet the Cost-of-Living Crisis. Britain’s mortgage market is signaling fears of a recession. But big falls in property values look unlikely now that housing is the asset class of the well-off. – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] Magic Wandsworth: house prices rise but homes do a disappearing act – FT

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