Housing View – April 15, 2022

On the US:    

  • The American property market is once again looking bubbly. Soaring mortgage rates have yet to cool exuberant demand – The Economist
  • The housing market is running hot. Can the Fed cool it before it crashes? S&P Global considers 88% of U.S housing regions overvalued – Market Watch
  • Early signs of cooling housing market seen in some U.S. cities, Redfin says – Reuters
  • The new risk to the housing market – Politico
  • What Higher Mortgage Rates Mean for the Housing Market. Wharton’s Benjamin Keys explains why higher mortgage interest rates are discouraging home buyers, but not for long. – Wharton
  • Homebuyers Get Desperate in Overheated U.S. Spring Sales Season. Soaring mortgage rates and prices are fueling a rush to seal a deal in market where competition for houses is intense. – Bloomberg
  • Fed’s Quantitative Tightening Throws a Wrench Into Mortgage-Bond Market. Investors have been cautious with mortgage bonds, and the Fed’s latest policy signals are unlikely to resolve all their concerns – Wall Street Journal
  • Senators Romney, Lee Introduce Bill to Increase Utah Housing Supply – Mitt Romney
  • The Landscape of Middle-Income Housing Affordability in California – Terner Center
  • Raise Residential Taxes? Bring in Casinos? Cities Look at Ways to Bolster Budgets. Leaders in urban areas struggling with pandemic hits to business and travel revenues are brainstorming longer-term strategies – Wall Street Journal
  • How Homeownership Changes You. It’s not just a financial commitment. It can alter people’s relationships to a community, a place, and even time. – The Atlantic
  • House-flipping algorithms are coming to your neighborhood. Despite millions of dollars in losses, iBuying’s failure doesn’t signal the end of tech-led disruption, just a fumbled beginning. – Bloomberg
  • Pandemic-fueled suburban growth doesn’t mean we should abandon climate resiliency – Brookings
  • Understanding the U.S. Housing Crisis in an Era of Inflation. Economist Jenny Schuetz offers a practical guide to one of the biggest challenges facing renters and homebuyers: the skyrocketing cost of housing. – Bloomberg

On China

  • China Banks Allow Mortgage Payment Holiday in Covid-Hit Shanghai. Shanghai reports record new infections as lockdown extended. Megabanks’ profit growth at risk amid Covid, property weakness – Bloomberg

On other countries:  

  • [Australia] Melbourne and Sydney suburbs lead housing value declines – CoreLogic
  • [Canada] Canada targets housing, banks in modest-spending budget – Reuters
  • [Canada] Canada plans to double homebuilding in decade, but where are the workers? – Reuters
  • [Canada] ‘The Top Is Off’: Home Prices Show Signs of Cracking in Canada’s Hot Market. Industry experts are predicting Canada’s home prices could finally start to decline after a 50% surge over the past two years. – Bloomberg
  • [Canada] Bank of Canada rate hike could cool Canada’s hot housing markets, economists say – The Globe and Mail
  • [Hong Kong] The coming end of ‘property hegemony’. Rising inequality and the deterioration of living conditions and standards among ordinary people – the alleged underlying sources of the 2019 unrest – have been blamed on the dominance of the real estate sector. Beijing may want the next chief executive to crack down – South China Morning Post
  • [New Zealand] New Zealand house prices fall as interest rates and inflation weigh – Reuters
  • [New Zealand] New Zealand house prices are starting to fall – but many buyers remain locked out. Some economists are predicting a 10% decrease over the year, but even that won’t return prices to those of two years ago – The Guardian
  • [United Kingdom] Home Ownership and the UK Mortgage Market: An International Review – Institute for Global Change
  • [United Kingdom] Stamp duty holiday tempted buyers into ‘marathon’ loans. Many homebuyers opted for mortgages of 35 years or more – The Guardian
  • [United Kingdom] Breathing rooms: pollution and the property market. Air quality could become as important to homebuyers as price per square foot, proximity to schools and transport links – FT

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