Housing View – April 1, 2022

On cross-country:

  • Nevertheless, They Persist: Cross-Country Differences in Homeownership Behavior – SSRN
  • Here are five policies to help solve the global housing crisis – World Economic Forum
  • Residential Real Estate in a Volatile World – Barry Ritholtz  

On the US:    

  • Real-Time Market Monitoring Finds Signs of Brewing U.S. Housing Bubble – Dallas Fed and Bloomberg
  • Can Home Prices and Interest Rates Soar at the Same Time? Rising mortgage rates are supposed to cool house prices. But this time could be different. – New York Times
  • Faulty evidence and misdiagnosed solutions. Why centralizing appraisal standards and criteria under a new federal agency as proposed under the Fair Appraisal and Inequity Reform Act is not justified – AEI
  • Rising Interest Rates Will Shift Housing’s Foundations. Some might be locked into homes they already own while new buyers opt for smaller homes in cheaper places – Wall Street Journal
  • The Housing Boom Is Even Rewarding People Who Don’t Go Anywhere – Bloomberg  
  • Homeowners Spin Soaring Prices Into U.S. Real Estate Riches. Cash-out refis enable newbie investors to buy second or third houses— or more — to capitalize on surging rental demand. – Bloomberg
  • Residential inflation: The rise in the pipeline – VoxEU
  • A Wasted Opportunity to Improve Housing Outcomes for Minorities. If the government sets home prices, it could have catastrophic consequences. – Wall Street Journal
  • Nashville’s chart-topping house prices. Southern charm, a growing tech scene and low taxes draw ‘transplants’ to the country music capital – FT
  • White House requests big HUD boost for housing supply – Politico

On other countries:  

  • [Canada] Canada’s red-hot housing markets hint at cooldown as higher rates, inflation bite – Reuters
  • [Canada] The divide between housing haves and have-nots is growing – will a politician exploit it? – Globe and Mail
  • [Canada] Ontario bill aims to speed construction as house prices keep surging – Globe and Mail
  • [Canada] Canadian house prices rising strongly despite pandemic – Global Property Guide
  • [Canada] Foreign Buyers’ Tax Just Might Cool Ontario’s Hot Housing Market.  Rising rates and levies pushed prices down five years ago. Ontario is epicenter of real estate affordability crisis – Bloomberg
  • [Germany] Germany’s Favorite Hedge Against Inflation? Real Estate. Inflation worries are pushing German house prices even higher, adding to the risk of an overshoot. – Bloomberg
  • [Netherlands] The Netherlands’ house price boom continues strong – Global Property Guide 
  • [Netherlands] Netherlands: house prices to rise more slowly in 2022 – ING
  • [Norway] Norway’s modest house price rises – Global Property Guide
  • [Romania] Romania’s house price growth accelerating – Global Property Guide 
  • [Switzerland] Swiss National Bank says monetary policy not way to curb real estate risks – Reuters
  • [Switzerland] Switzerland’s house prices stable – Global Property Guide 
  • [Taiwan] Taiwan’s housing market growing stronger – Global Property Guide 
  • [Vietnam] Vietnam’s housing market gathering pace – Global Property Guide  

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