PODCAST: Fiscal Policy and Racial Disparities

In conversation with Bill Gale, Arjay and Frances Miller Chair in Federal Economic Policy and senior fellow at the Economic Studies Program, Brookings Institution…

In this episode of Econofact’s podcast, Gill discusses the impact of inequitable racial impacts of government policy. Some notable points include the following:

  1. Race-blind policies are typically neither race neutral nor race fair because past injustices cast a shadow on current conditions. The absence of racist animus does not mean a policy is not racist.
  2. The mortgage interest deduction which favors homeowners who are disproportionately wealthier and white is discussed as a case in point to explain the difference between equity and equality.
  3. He discusses the critical race theory (seemingly race-neutral policies lock in the effects of past racism).

Click here to listen to the full podcast.

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