Housing Market in Poland

From the IMF’s latest report on Poland:

“The authorities’ proposals to increase housing affordability should consider the impact on the housing market and financial stability. The housing market has returned to pre-pandemic robust conditions (Figure 14). The state development bank plans to offer partial mortgage guarantees in lieu of mortgage down payments to support applicants for smaller mortgage loans, which could increase demand for mortgage loans and fuel further price growth. Mortgages are mostly floating rate, boosting housing affordability during the recent time of extraordinarily low interest rates. However, households could become overstretched as interest rates normalize, risking a deterioration in credit quality. To mitigate these risks, it is important that banks continue conservative creditworthiness assessments in line with supervisory guidelines, including an LTV limit at 80 percent, stressed DSTI at 40–50 percent with an interest rate buffer of 250–300 bps, and loan maturities capped at 25 years. Early signals suggest increasing policy interest rates are likely to dampen demand for mortgage credit.”

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