Housing View – January 28, 2022

On cross-country:

  • Younger generations and the lost dream of homeownership – VoxEU
  • Why skyscrapers are so short – Works in progress

On the US:    

  • How credit conditions affect housing prices — lessons from the ’00s. How might credit conditions affect this year’s housing market? A look to the past can offer some clues. – MIT
  • The housing boom isn’t over yet, predicts a top analyst who sees a 12% increase this year – AEI
  • A Typical U.S. Home Is Now Valued at $320,662 — 20% More Than a Year Ago. Low inventory and unrelenting demand are continuing to fuel price growth in the American real estate market. – Bloomberg
  • Volatility of lumber prices hits high not seen since end of World War II — why home buyers should be concerned. Fluctuations in the prices of building supplies are complicating construction of new homes – Market Watch
  • Transcript: Inventory Vanishing and Bidding Wars Exploding in Crazy U.S. Housing Market – Bloomberg 
  • A Typical U.S. Home Is Now Valued at $320,662 — 20% More Than a Year Ago. Low inventory and unrelenting demand are continuing to fuel price growth in the American real estate market.  – Bloomberg 
  • Real Estate Is Emerging as a Hedge Against Roaring Inflation. Those seeking alternative investments from stocks and bonds may turn to the housing market, but that strategy still presents risks. – Bloomberg
  • Illinois Homeowners Can Now Remove Racist Clauses From Their Property Deeds. With a new law, Illinois joins over a dozen states that have made it easier to remove racial restrictive covenants, which were used to bar people of certain races from buying homes. – New York Times
  • New Report Shows a Surging Rental Market, Starkly Divided by Race and Renter Incomes – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • The US home construction boom is excluding a big group of Americans – Quartz
  • Kevin Erdmann was right – Econlib
  • How subprime lending emerged in minority neighbourhoods – London School of Economics
  • Florida’s West Coast Cities Top WSJ/Realtor.com’s Housing Index. Naples led the fourth-quarter rankings, as the Sunshine State attracted home buyers looking to work remotely near the beach – Wall Street Journal and Realtor
  • Zillow’s Open Market Home Price Appreciation Forecasting Methodology – Zillow
  • What It Will Take to Sustainably Increase the Homeownership Rate? – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • With Housing Prices Spiking Everywhere, Where Is It Cheaper To Rent vs. Buy? – Realtor

On China

  • Beijing Will Save Housing Projects, but Not Necessarily Developers. To head off a deepening housing downturn, Beijing is backpedaling a bit on tough leverage rules. That might not be enough to save weaker developers. – Wall Street Journal
  • China cuts mortgage lending rate for first time in two years. Beijing introduces measure amid property sector liquidity crisis and consumption slowdown – FT
  • China property sector could see “significant” policy easing -BNP Paribas – Reuters
  • China Weighs Breaking Up Evergrande to Contain Property Crisis – Bloomberg
  • China’s Private Cities – Marginal Revolution

On other countries:  

  • [Canada] This Red-Hot Housing Market Is Betting Interest Rates Will Never Rise. Canadian homeowners’ gamble could backfire if rates increase more than one percentage point. – Bloomberg
  • [Ireland] Why Ireland’s housing bubble burst – Works in progress
  • [Netherlands] The Netherlands’ house price rises accelerating – Global Property Guide
  • [New Zealand] New Zealand’s bipartisan housing reforms offer a model to other countries – Brookings
  • [Taiwan] Taiwan’s housing market remains buoyant – Global Property Guide
  • [United Kingdom] U.K. Property Sellers Keep Upper Hand as Supply Squeeze Persists – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] What’s next for the housing market in 2022? – Lloyds Banking Group
  • [United Kingdom] The plight of the UK’s first-time buyers. The immediate pressures of the pandemic may have eased, but prospective homeowners must now contend with record prices and a looming cost of living crisis – FT

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