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“Update of The Data Will Set You Free  (in preparation for a new semester!)

In an era of easily accessible databases, am constantly amazed that people write stuff that is easily falsifiable.  Or ask me for the “raw” data when it’s freely available via a aggregating database I’ve provided the hyperlink (most galling is when they then accuse me of misquoting data sources).

Just to remind the frequent commenters on this blog, freely available and documented data available here:

St. Louis Fed economic database Thousands of time series on economic activity, in an easily downloadable form.

IMF International Financial Statistics

IMF World Economic Outlook databases.

World Bank World Development Indicators.



DBnomics (a “European FRED”)

YCharts Macro and equity market data series. Futures data.

Federal Reserve Board data Monetary, financial and output data collected by the Nation’s central bank.

Bureau of Economic Analysis, Dept. of Commerce Data on GDP and components (the national income and product accounts) as well as other macroeconomic data.

Bureau of the Census, Dept. of Commerce Data on the characteristics of the US population  US firms, as well as other data.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dept. of Labor Data on wages, prices, productivity, and employment and unemployment rates.

Energy Information Agency, Dept. of Energy Data on energy (electricity, gas, petroleum) production, consumption and prices.

Economic Report of the President, various years. The back portion of this annual publication contains about 70 tables of government economic data.

Economic Indicators CEA and JEC Compilation of economic data in tabular form.

Economic Time Series page A large collection of economic time series.

NBER Data Specialized economic databases created by economists associated with the National Bureau of Economic Research.

Penn World Tables v.10.

Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis World Trade Monitor

World Bank, A Global Database of Inflation.

Jordà-Schularick-Taylor Macrohistory Database

Usually I cite FRED or BEA and/or BLS via FRED, or from the above data sources. In certain cases, I have written papers using specialized data sources. Below are links to those data sources.”

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