The State of Economic Opportunity in America

The recent McKinsey American Opportunity Survey (2021) highlights interesting observations about American beliefs on the availability of economic opportunity, obstacles, and the path ahead to create a more inclusive economy. A sample of 25,109 adults aged 18 and older from the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii was interviewed online in English and Spanish. Excerpts from the report’s findings:

“Americans report that their financial situations have deteriorated over the past year, and at the time of our survey, only half of all respondents reported being able to cover their living expenses for more than two months in the event of job loss. Americans reported facing numerous barriers to economic opportunity and inclusion—among them, inadequate access to health insurance and physical and mental healthcare, as well as to affordable childcare. Moreover, many respondents said that they feel their very identity limits their access to jobs and to fair recognition and reward for their work.

Yet amid the challenges, our survey also revealed optimism. First- and second-generation immigrant respondents were among the most optimistic respondents about economic opportunity. Black and Hispanic/Latino respondents were also among the most optimistic respondents, despite being more likely to report barriers to opportunity.”

Click here to read the full report.

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