Pensions at a Glance: Challenges of Ageing Populations

OECD’s latest report, Pensions at a Glance (2021), discusses in detail the financial pressures arising out of rapidly ageing global populations. Although life expectancy gains in old age have slowed since 2010, the pace of ageing is projected to be fast over the next two decades. The size of the working-age population is projected to fall by more than one‑quarter by 2060 in most Southern, Central and Eastern European countries as well as in Japan and Korea.

Pension finances deteriorated during the pandemic due to lost contributions, and shortfalls have been mainly covered by state budgets. The report emphasizes the fact that the biggest long-term challenge for pensions continues to be providing financially and socially sustainable pensions in the future. Many countries have introduced automatic adjustment mechanisms (AAM- adjusting retirement ages, benefit levels and contribution rates and using an automatic balancing mechanism) in their pension systems that change pension system parameters, such as pension ages, benefits or contribution rates when demographic, economic or financial indicators change. Putting pensions systems on a solid footing for the future will require painful policy decisions.

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