China’s Coming Property Correction: A Managed Soft Landing

From MacroPolo:

“With China’s Evergrande moving into what appears to be a managed default process, as we had previously anticipated, it’s time to look at the future of the property sector. Even without the Evergrande crisis, the property sector is bound to see a correction. The crisis simply made the writing on the wall clearer. Such a correction means that China’s notoriously outsized investment-driven model will have to be “right-sized.”

The right-sizing of investment, which mainly refers to fixed-capital formation that makes up about 43% of GDP, will inevitably hurt growth (see Figure 1). Getting a handle on the magnitude of the growth impact, therefore, will be key to any analysis of China’s economic future. To do so requires examining construction-related investment, which is composed mainly of private property investment and local government investment (including public housing and infrastructure).

Our baseline scenario assumes a 30% decline in private property construction through 2025. In total construction volume terms, that means a correction from 100 million units to roughly 70 million units. Such a correction will lead to annual property sales falling from 15% to 10% of GDP by 2025, which is basically the same level as in 2010. In other words, China intends to roll back the decade of rapid property sector growth in the next five years.

As a result, local government investment, which is basically public spending on infrastructure that depends largely on land revenue derived from private property investment, will likely decline by 3% of GDP over the same period. Combined with the property correction, we expect overall construction investment to be down by 6% of GDP.”

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