Book: India’s Industrial Policy and Performance

The recently published book, India’s Industrial Policy and Performance (2021), by Dr. Nitya Nanda (Director, Council for Social Development- a New Delhi-based think tank) assesses the performance of Indian industries from the perspectives of trade, investment, policy, and development incentives. Excerpts from its abstract:

“The book examines India’s key policy initiatives and economic and institutional plans through many decades and examines their short and long-term effects on industrial environment and performance. It measures India’s strategic policies and efforts to promote industrialization against similar initiatives in countries like Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. The volume also contextualizes the performance of different sectors of industry such as automobiles, electronics and information technology, and pharmaceuticals, among others, within the larger framework of global economic scenario and competition.”

It also discusses issues like the benefit foreign direct investment brings to developing countries (Loungani and Razin, 2001), changes in foreign equity norms in India and their role in shaping industrial policy, etc.

Click here to access the full book online.

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