2022 AEA’s papers on housing

*Note that this post will be updated as links to papers and presentations become available. Last updated: January 9, 2022.

On Covid-19 and health

  • Can Stay-at-Home Orders Create a Pandemic Housing Boom? – Paper and Presentation
  • How Resilient is Mortgage Credit Supply? Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic – Paper and Presentation
  • COVID-19, Housing Prices and Macroprudential Policies – Paper and Presentation
  • Flattening the Curve: Pandemic-Induced Revaluation of Urban Real Estate – Paper and Presentation 
  • The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on New York City Real Estate: First Evidence – Paper and Presentation
  • Living On My Own: The Impact of an Epidemic on Housing Preferences – Paper and Presentation
  • Cleanliness is Next to Income: The Impact of COVID-19 on Short-Term Rentals – Paper and Presentation
  • The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Those Lacking Housing Basics, 2010-19 – Paper and Presentation
  • Marital Transitions, Housing, and Long-Term Care in Old Age – Paper and Presentation
  • Stuck at Home: Housing Demand During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Paper and Presentation 
  • Housing as a Human Right: Alternative Institutional Structures and Covid-19 – Paper and Presentation
  • Racial Heterogeneity in Mortgage Outcomes During the COVID-19 Pandemic – Paper and Presentation
  • COVID-19 Rental Eviction Moratoria and Household Well-Being – Paper and Presentation
  • Impact of COVID-19 on Residential Real Estate – Paper and Presentation
  • The Effects of Free Housing on Children’s Health and Healthcare Use – Paper and Presentation
  • Health Implications of Housing Programs: Evidence from a Population-Wide Weatherization Program – Paper and Presentation 
  • The Health Consequence of Rising Housing Prices in China – Paper and Presentation 

On house prices

  • Internal Migration and House Prices in Australia – Paper and Presentation
  • Old Age Savings and House Price Shocks – Paper and Presentation       
  • The Economic Burden of Pension Shortfalls: Evidence from House Prices – Paper and Presentation
  • The Effect of School Redistricting on Housing Markets – Paper and Presentation
  • Match Quality and House Price Dispersion: Evidence from Norwegian Housing Auctions – Paper and Presentation
  • The Effect of School Redistricting on Neighborhood Sorting and House Prices – Paper and Presentation   
  • House Prices, Investors, and Credit in the Great Housing Bust  – Paper and Presentation 
  • House Price Contagion and United States City Migration Networks – Paper and Presentation 
  • Housing Market Segmentation – Paper and Presentation 
  • House Prices, Home Equity, and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from U.S. Census Micro Data – Paper and Presentation
  • What Do Hedonic House Price Estimates Tell Us When CAP Rates Vary? – Paper and Presentation

On mortgage market

  • Reinforcement Learning for Household Finance: Designing Optimal Policy for Mortgage Market – Paper and Presentation
  • Reluctant Savers and Mortgage Subsidies – Paper and Presentation
  • The Consumption Response to Borrowing Constraints in the Mortgage Market – Paper and Presentation
  • The Industry Expertise Channel of Mortgage Lending – Paper and Presentation
  • Can Time‐Varying Risk Premia and Household Heterogeneity Explain Credit Cycles? – Paper and Presentation
  • Mortgage Pricing and Monetary Policy – Paper and Presentation
  • Appraisal Inflation and Private Mortgage Securitization – Paper and Presentation
  • Opioid Epidemic and Mortgage Default – Paper and Presentation
  • The Impact of Interest Rate Declines on Distressed Borrowers: Evidence from the 2000s Housing Bust – Paper and Presentation
  • The Mortgage Piggy Bank: Building Wealth through Amortization – Paper and Presentation
  • Mortgage Delinquency and Default: A Tale of Two Options – Paper and Presentation
  • Is There Crowd-Out in Mortgage Refinance? – Paper and Presentation
  • Do Mortgage Lenders Compete Locally? Implications for Credit Access – Paper and Presentation
  • How Costly is Noise? Data and Disparities in the United States Mortgage Market – Paper and Presentation

On rental market

  • Are Housing Rental Markets that Competitive? A Dynamic Monopoly Approach – Paper and Presentation
  • Objectified Housing Sales and Rent Prices in Representative Household Surveys: the Impact on Macroeconomic Statistics – Paper and Presentation
  • Eviction Risk of Rental Housing: Does It Matter How Your Landlord Finances the Property? – Paper and Presentation
  • Macroeconomic Statistics based on Surveys: Circumventing Subjectivity in Housing Sales and Rent Data – Paper and Presentation
  • Late Payment Fees and Nonpayment in Rental Markets, and Implications for Inflation Measurement: Theoretical Considerations and Evidence – Paper and Presentation

On inequality

  • Land Prices and the Persistent Effects of Wealth Inequality – Paper and Presentation
  • Racial Disparities in Housing Returns – Paper and Presentation 
  • Housing Market Channels of Segregation – Paper and Presentation
  • Using High Frequency Evaluations to Estimate Discrimination: Evidence from Mortgage Loan Officers – Paper and Presentation
  • Boomtowns: Local Shocks and Inequality in 1920s California – Paper and Presentation
  • Do Credit Policies Affect Racial Groups Differently? Evidence from the Mortgage Market – Paper and Presentation 
  • The Impact of Federal Housing Policies on Racial Inequality – Paper and Presentation 
  • A Field Experiment on Racial Discrimination in the Rental Housing Market of Hawaii – Paper and Presentation 
  • The Intergenerational Transmission of Housing Wealth – Paper and Presentation 
  • The Impact of Federal Housing Policies on Racial Inequality – Paper and Presentation

On climate change and natural disasters

  • Tsunami Risk and Information Shocks: Evidence from the Oregon Housing Market – Paper and Presentation
  • Mortgage Markets with Climate-Change Risk: Evidence from Wildfires in California – Paper and Presentation
  • Who Benefits from Water Quality Control? The Unequal Impacts of Environmental Regulation on Housing Wealth and Consumption – Paper and Presentation
  • Peer Effects in Residential Green Infrastructure Adoption – Paper and Presentation

On housing supply and affordability

  • Why Are More Young Adults Living With Their Parents? A role for housing affordability – Paper and Presentation
  • How to Reduce Housing Costs? Understanding Local Deterrents to Building Multi-Family Housing – Paper and Presentation
  • How to Build Affordable Housing? The Role of Local Barriers to Building Multi-Unit Housing – Paper and Presentation
  • Reclaiming Local Control: School Finance Reforms and Housing Supply Restrictions – Paper and Presentation
  • Sorting into Neighborhoods: The Role of Minimum Lot Sizes – Paper and Presentation
  • Student Housing, Gentrification and Affordability: The US context – Paper and Presentation

On other papers

  • The Long-Run Effects of Low-Income Housing on Neighborhood Composition – Paper and Presentation 
  • The Housing Phillips Curve – Paper and Presentation 
  • Who’s Right, Weber or Glaeser? – Paper and Presentation
  • Estimating Housing Rent Depreciation for Inflation Adjustments – Paper and Presentation
  • Housing Exclusion in Westchester County, NY – Paper and Presentation
  • Who Gains from Housing Market Stimulus? Evidence from Housing Assistance Grants with Threshold Prices – Paper and Presentation
  • Overconfidence and Personal Bankruptcy: Evidence from Mispricing in Singapore’s Private Housing Markets – Paper and Presentation 
  • Heirs’ Property in an Urban Context – Paper and Presentation 
  • Price Diffusion across International Private Commercial Real Estate Markets – Paper and Presentation 
  • Corporate Real Estate Holdings, Firm Value, and Returns: Evidence from a Dynamic Partial Adjustment Model – Paper and Presentation 
  • Retirement, Housing Mobility, Downsizing and Neighbourhood Quality-A Causal Investigation – Paper and Presentation 
  • The Value of School Social Climate Information: Evidence from Chicago Housing Transactions – Paper and Presentation
  • The Impact of Public Housing on Student Academic Outcomes – Paper and Presentation
  • Does Airbnb Reduce Matching Frictions in the Housing Market? – Paper and Presentation
  • The Nexus between Fuel, Income, and Housing Poverty: Evidence from Egypt – Paper and Presentation
  • What Determines the Success of Housing Mobility Programs? – Paper and Presentation
  • Mandatory Pension Saving and Homeownership – Paper and Presentation 
  • Dynastic Home Equity – Paper and Presentation 
  • The Amenity Effects of Low-Income Housing Development – Paper and Presentation 
  • Decoupling Homes and Schools: Assessing the Impact of Forced School Choice on Residential Change – Paper and Presentation 
  • Does Financial Distress Affect Workers’ Productivity? Evidence from Real Estate Agents – Paper and Presentation 
  • Impact of Institutional Investors on Real Estate Risk – Paper and Presentation 
  • Tax Subsidies and the Cost of Homeownership: Evidence from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Paper and Presentation 
  • New Listing Alert: Alternative Theory of Housing Search – Paper and Presentation
  • Zero Price Effect and Consumer Welfare: Evidence from Online Classified Home Service – Paper and Presentation
  • Breaking the Commitment Device: The Effect of Home Equity Withdrawal on Consumption, Saving, and Welfare – Paper and Presentation 

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