The Feminist Building Blocks of Just, Sustainable Economy

In a recent column for Social Europe, a public policy discussion and publication platform, and the IPS-Journal, the reputed development economist Dr. Jayati Ghosh writes about finding a blueprint for an economy that serves the public rather than the other way around.

Feminist economists have long argued that the purpose of an economy is to support the survival and flourishing of life, in all its forms. This may seem obvious but it turns on its head the prevailing view, which implicitly assumes the opposite causation: the economy runs according to its own laws, which must be respected by mere human actors. In this market-fundamentalist perspective, it is a potential angry god which can deliver prosperity or devastation and must be placated through all sorts of measures—including sacrifices made in its name.  

Ghosh, J. (2021). The feminist building blocks of a sustainable, just economy. Social Europe.

Taking a cue from UN Women’s report titled, Feminist Plan for Sustainability and Social Justice, she writes about expanding the purview of economic valuation to include unpaid care work and environmental costs in it, the need for gender-sensitive institutions, regulations, and policies, and a boost to public investment.

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