Housing View – October 22, 2021

On cross-country:

  • IMF urges caution as house prices surge globally – Irish Examiner
  • Creating Housing Markets in Emerging Market Economies – IFC
  • Warning: Some Transaction Prices can be Detrimental to your House Price Index – University of Graz

On the US:   

  • RV Capital of America Tops WSJ/Realtor.com Housing Index in Third Quarter. Index ranks cities for appreciating housing markets and lifestyle amenities – Wall Street Journal
  • Construction on new homes slows as supply-chain woes hit the housing market. The number of housing projects completed in September fell to the lowest level in over a year – Market Watch
  • U.S. homebuilding stumbles as supply constraints mount – Reuters
  • Another upward force on American inflation: the housing boom. Property could join energy, shipping, used cars and wages as a contributor to rising consumer prices – The Economist
  • Immediate and Longer-Term Housing Market Effects of a Major U.S. Airport Closure – NBER
  • Do Restrictive Land Use Regulations Make Housing More Expensive Everywhere? – Economic Development Quarterly
  • Psychoanalyzing the Housing Frenzy With Redfin’s CEO. The emotional and financial stakes of buying a home have never been higher. – Curbed

On China

  • China new home prices hit by first month-on-month fall since 2015. Data reveal price decline in big cities in September as weakness in real estate sector reverberates – FT
  • Chinese developer Sinic defaults as Evergrande deadline looms. More companies miss debt payments as country’s real estate sector contracts in third quarter – FT
  • Evergrande: concerns linger even as embattled developer’s Hengda unit makes interest payment on US$327 million onshore bond. – South China Morning Post
  • Evergrande’s debt crisis sates appetite for risk, forcing 206 plots to withdraw from China’s land auctions since September – South China Morning Post
  • Housing slowdown threatens China’s economic muscle – Axios
  • China’s property and construction sectors contract in third quarter as Evergrande crisis and tougher regulation hit home – South China Morning Post
  • In Tackling China’s Real-Estate Bubble, Xi Jinping Faces Resistance to Property-Tax Plan. After negative feedback from within the party, an initial proposal to test a property tax in some 30 cities has been significantly scaled down – Wall Street Journal
  • Time for orderly resolution for Evergrande is running out. If the state has a grand plan, it will need to make it known soon – The Economist

On other countries:  

  • [New Zealand] New Zealand plans new housing density laws to tame red-hot property market – Reuters
  • [New Zealand] Sweeping housing legislation could reshape New Zealand cities for decades to come. Housing campaigners welcome changes, saying they will boost businesses, lower emissions and enable better transport links – The Guardian
  • [Turkey] Housing prices in emerging countries during COVID-19: evidence from Turkey – International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis
  • [United Kingdom] The problem with new-build property. It loses its premium over time, so mortgage providers are more reluctant to lend to those with small deposits – FT
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