Housing View – October 1, 2021

On cross-country:

  • Taking the Global Housing Market’s Temperature: Is It Running a Fever (Again)? – Dallas FED
  • Can lending controls solve the problem of unaffordable housing? More central banks are tightening curbs on risky lending. But that is unlikely to make housing much cheaper – The Economist
  • For Many Families World-Wide, a Dream Home Is Out of Reach. Calls for action gain support, but policy makers are worried about existing homeowners and the global recovery – Wall Street Journal
  • America Risks an ‘Evergrande Moment’. Like China, most of the developed nations have relied too much on property to fuel growth. Wall Street Journal
  • When You’re Locked Out (or Priced Out) of Home – Bloomberg 
  • Russian Billionaire Behind Top Builder Wants to Disrupt Housing – Bloomberg

On the US:   

  • Beware the backlash as financiers muscle into rental property. As rents soar, so do the prospects of a regulatory crackdown – The Economist
  • Building the future depends on building more housing – Axios
  • Housing Vouchers in Economic Recovery Bill Would Sharply Cut Homelessness, Housing Instability – Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • How Housing Industries Keeps Racism Alive – Bloomberg

On China:

  • How a housing downturn could wreck China’s growth model. Evergrande’s woes expose the economy’s unhealthy dependence on property – The Economist
  • China Tells Bankers to Support Property Market, Homebuyers – Bloomberg
  • China’s Housing Sector Risks Falling Into Bear Market, Citi Says – Bloomberg
  • China Oversees Evergrande Accounts to Ensure Housing Gets Built – Bloomberg
  • Chinese cities seize Evergrande presales to block potential misuse of funds. State intervention gathers pace as second bond deadline looms for indebted property developer – FT
  • PBOC Vows ‘Healthy’ Property Market Amid Evergrande Crisis – Bloomberg
  • China’s Property Sector Has Bigger Problems Than Evergrande. Chinese economic troubles may come far faster than the markets expect. – Foreign Policy

On other countries:  

  • [Australia] Australian housing borrowing booms, regulators ready new lending rules – Reuters
  • [United Kingdom] UK house prices forecast to rise by up to 3.5% a year between 2022 and 2024. Summer 2021 marked peak growth but race for space will continue, says estate agent Hamptons – The Guardian

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