Housing View – March 27, 2020

On cross-country:

  • Measuring housing as a provider of well-being. What can the latest OECD figures tell us? – Housing Europe


On the US:


On other countries:  

  • [Australia] Australia housing auction activity dives due to coronavirus – Reuters
  • [Australia] Coronavirus restrictions tipped to send Australian house prices tumbling – Guardian
  • [China] A Quantitative Evaluation of the Housing Provident Fund Program in China – Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • [Indonesia] Indonesia’s housing market is unremarkable – Global Property Guide
  • [Nigeria] How coronavirus will affect Nigeria’s real estate, house prices – The Guardian
  • [South Korea] Housing market in South Korea is slow-moving – Global Property Guide
  • [United Kingdom] The UK’s housing market still smooth – Global Property Guide
  • [United Kingdom] What will coronavirus do to house prices? – The Times
  • [United Kingdom] UK property demand plunges as virus takes hold – Financial Times

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