Housing View – March 20, 2020

On cross-country:

  • Where are the world’s most expensive cities? – The Economist


On the US:

  • America’s inequitable housing system is completely unprepared for coronavirus – Brookings
  • Information From Past Pandemics, And What We Can Learn: A Literature Review – Zillow
  • Buying a Home During a Pandemic – New York Times
  • Coronavirus, Oil Prices Send Shockwaves Through Houston Real Estate – Wall Street Journal
  • How Coronavirus Has Affected Real Estate – New York Times
  • ‘Golden Gates’ Review: Build It Here, Build It Now – Wall Street Journal
  • Home Value Growth Accelerated in February, Ending a 21-Month Slowdown (February 2020 Market Report) – Zillow
  • S housing market shows strength before coronavirus outbreak – Reuters
  • Federal ‘Fair Housing’ Policy Set for a Major Overhaul – Reason


On other countries:  

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