Housing View – February 14, 2020

On cross-country:

  • ECB’s house price headache too big to solve – Reuters
  • Guidelines for the Implementation of the Right to Adequate Housing – UN
  • Are current measures of housing affordability fit for purpose? – Housing Europe
  • Smashed avocado on toast and the housing market – ING
  • What are macroprudential tools? – Brookings


On the US:

  • S. Homeowners Four Times As Likely To Be Equity-Rich Than Seriously Underwater – ATTOM
  • How to Make Housing Markets Fairer for All – E21
  • The Fed Faces a Housing Conundrum – Bloomberg
  • San Jose’s Severe Housing Shortage Is Easy to Fathom – Wall Street Journal
  • Are you waiting for house prices to drop during the next recession to buy a home? Why you could have a very a long wait – MarketWatch
  • History of Housing Policy in the United States – Portland State University
  • Housing Sentiment Nears Survey High as More Consumers Expect Mortgage Rates to Remain Favorable – Fannie Mae
  • The Geography of Housing Market Liquidity During the Great Recession – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  • The GSEs and the Economic Cycle: Realistic Expectations – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies


On other countries:

  • [Rwanda] Housing policies in Rwanda – International Growth Centre
  • [United Kingdom] Where are we in the property cycle? – Financial Times
  • [United Kingdom] Britons Priced Out of Housing Market Face Renting Into Old Age – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] K. Housing Market Sees Renewed Optimism in January, RICS Says – Bloomberg

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