Housing View – January 17, 2020

On cross-country:

  • Home ownership is the West’s biggest economic-policy mistake – Its obsession with home ownership undermines growth, fairness and public faith in capitalism – The Economist
  • Housing is at the root of many of the rich world’s problems – Since the second world war, governments across the rich world have made three big mistakes, says Callum Williams – The Economist
  • How housing became the world’s biggest asset class – It is only a recent phenomenon – The Economist
  • Politicians are finally doing something about housing shortages. But will it reduce housing costs? – The Economist
  • A decade on from the housing crash, new risks are emerging. Shadow banks originate around half America’s mortgages – The Economist
  • Owner-occupation is not always a better deal than renting. Each year American owner-occupiers pay around $200bn in maintenance costs on their homes – The Economist
  • Home ownership is in decline. That is not a big cause for concern – The Economist
  • Governments are rethinking the provision of public housing. Is it better to give people money or build them houses? – The Economist
  • What is the future of the rich world’s housing markets? It is plausible that house prices could persistently rise faster than incomes – The Economist
  • Global Residential Cities Index – Q3 2019 – Knight Frank
  • Around the world, luxury housing is poised to (mostly) strengthen – Los Angeles Times


On the US:


On other countries:

  • [Hong Kong] Hong Kong’s house prices falling – Global Property Guide
  • [Indonesia] The housing market in Indonesia rarely makes big moves – Global Property Guide
  • [Ireland] Cash offers may lead mortgage customers to make poor decisions – ESRI – The Irish Times
  • [Macau] Macau’s housing market slowing sharply – Global Property Guide
  • [Netherlands] Amsterdam’s Attempt to Rein In Property Prices Just Got Harder – Bloomberg
  • [South Korea] South Korea’s Moon Vows ‘Endless’ Measures to Cap Property Prices – Bloomberg
  • [Switzerland] House prices in Switzerland continue to drop – Global Property Guide
  • [United Kingdom] Cambridge tech boom blamed for rising property prices – Financial Times

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