Housing View – November 22, 2019

On cross-country:


On the US:

  • Economic Consequences of Housing Speculation – NBER
  • The Plight of the Urban Planner – The New Yorker
  • Fintech Lending and Mortgage Credit Access – Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Opinion: This home mortgage disaster is ready to punish housing markets – MarketWatch
  • Elizabeth Warren updates housing plan with focus on renters – Curbed
  • Elizabeth Warren released a plan to lower the cost of renting a home by 10%—here’s how – CNBC
  • Is the Housing Market Going into a Recession? – EconoTimes
  • What Happens When Black People Search for Suburban Homes – New York Times
  • In 2020, home sales to rise but refinancing to dip, mortgage bankers say – Washington Post
  • In Las Vegas, the house owner doesn’t always win. – Brookings
  • Democratic Candidates Acknowledge Poor Housing Supply, But Not How Government Causes It – Reason


On other countries:

  • [Australia] Mortgage Arrears – Reserve Bank of Australia
  • [Italy] The Italian house price conundrum – Financial Times
  • [India] Foreign investors flock to commercial projects as India’s residential market struggles – Quartz

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