Housing View – October 4, 2019

On cross-country:

  • Central banks push for action on Europe’s rising house prices – Financial Times
  • Hypostat 2019 – European Mortgage Federation
  • Negative interest rates are inflating real estate prices. These cities are at risk of a bubble – CNN
  • The global real estate rethink – Axios


On the US:

  • Stranded: Inequality, House Prices leaving People Trapped – IMF
  • Opinion: Rent control is better than nothing, but it can’t fix California’s housing crisis – Los Angeles Times
  • How to Kill a Housing Market – Wall Street Journal
  • Bernie’s National Rent Control – Wall Street Journal
  • Would AOC’s National Rent Control Solve the Housing Crisis, or Make It Even Worse? – Citylab
  • How Rent Control Threatens the American Dream – Foundation for Economic Education
  • Poll: 59% of Americans Favor Building More Housing in Their Neighborhood – Cato
  • California’s Poorest Big City Faces a Different Kind of Housing Crisis – Citylab
  • Affordable Housing – Bloomberg
  • Help for California’s Housing Crisis Is in the Backyard – Bloomberg
  • Mortgage Finance in the Face of Rising Climate Risk – NBER, New York Times
  • Think San Francisco Housing Is Expensive? It Ranks 10th Globally. – Barron’s


On other countries:

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