Housing View – September 27, 2019

On cross-country:

  • Assessing House Prices: Insights from “Houselev”, a Dataset of Price Level Estimates – European Commission
  • Rent control will make housing shortages worse – Economist


On the US:

  • Should People Profit From Housing? Bernie Sanders Says Yes, and No – New York Times
  • Bernie Sanders’s housing-for-all plan, explained – Vox
  • Mortgage Investors Need Not Fear Supply Surge From New Housing – Bloomberg
  • How Telecommuting Has Changed Real Estate – New York Times
  • Did California Just Abolish Single-Family Zoning? – Reason
  • Why the wealth inequality debate should be a housing debate – American Enterprise Institute
  • Returns to owner-occupied Housing and Wealth Inequality – UCLA
  • Why Are Small and Medium Multifamily Properties So Inexpensive? – University of Tennessee
  • Housing Markets Turning Ugly In 2019 – Forbes
  • The New Campus Housing Bubble – Forbes
  • Statewide Rent Control Will Make California’s Housing Crisis Even Worse – Hoover Institution
  • Real Housing Prices Stabilizing … or Falling – Econbrowser


On other countries:

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