Housing View – May 31, 2019

On cross-country:


On the US:

  • The Fair Housing Act at 50 – Cityspace
  • After Amazon HQ2: New York and D.C. Offer a Tale of Two Housing Markets – Yahoo
  • Have Changes in Financing Contributed to the Loss of Low-Cost Rental Units and Rent Increases? – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • Regulations And Failed Governance Are The Root Causes Of California’s Housing Crisis – Hoover Institution
  • Monkkonen Guides Discussion of L.A.’s Housing Needs – UCLA


On other countries:

  • [Canada] RBC Sidesteps Canada’s Housing Slump With Mortgage Growth – Bloomberg
  • [China] Understanding China’s ‘One-Way Bet’ Property Market – Washington Post
  • [Hong Kong] Hong Kong Property Back in Bubble Territory, Reinhart Says – Bloomberg

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