Housing View – May 24, 2019

On cross-country:


On rent control:


On the US:

  • Press Briefing on the Evolution and Future of Homeownership – Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • An expert’s 7 principles for solving America’s housing crisis – Vox
  • Monetary Policy, Housing Rents, and Inflation Dynamics – Federal Reserve Board
  • The Great Recession, education, race, and homeownership – Economic Policy Institute
  • Why Isn’t The Black Homeownership Rate Higher Today Than When The 1968 Fair Housing Act Became Law? – Forbes
  • ‘Fairbnb’ Wants to Be the Unproblematic Alternative to Airbnb – Citylab
  • Trump Administration Wants To Cut Funding For Public Housing Repairs – NPR
  • California Today: Lawmakers Shelve a Potential Remedy to the Housing Crisis – New York Times
  • 3 Top REITs With High Dividend Yields Above 5% And Secure Payouts – Seeking Alpha
  • Labor Demand Shocks and Housing Prices Across the United States: Does One Size Fit All? – Economic Development Quarterly
  • Undersupply in Housing Inventory – CoreLogic
  • Spain’s Richest Person Bets Billions on Prime U.S. Real Estate – Bloomberg
  • Despite Resistance, Cities Turn to Density to Tackle Housing Inequality – CityLab
  • Special Incentive for Property Buyers: A Foreign Passport – New York Times
  • Shortage of cheaper houses stifles U.S. homes sales – Reuters
  • California’s big housing bill tanked. Newsom is partly to blame – Los Angeles Times
  • How Do Mortgage Refinances Affect Debt, Default, and Spending? – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies


On other countries:

  • [Canada] Real estate prices and banking performance: evidence from Canada – Journal of Economics and Finance
  • [India] Affordable Housing as Human Right – Yale University
  • [Portugal] The impact of Airbnb on residential property values and rents: evidence from Portugal – Ideas
  • [United Kingdom] UK housing: Resilient in the face of turmoil – ING

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