Housing View – April 26, 2019

On cross-country:


On the US:

  • Home Value Cooling Is More About Changes in Demand Than Supply – Zillow
  • Upcoming event: Zoning, taxing, hoarding: Housing policies for the middle class – Brookings Institute
  • California’s Unfixable Housing Mess Is Years in the Making – Reason
  • How Single-Family Garages Can Ease California’s Housing Crisis – Citylab
  • Who’s Really Buying Property in San Francisco? – The Atlantic
  • Trump-Appointed Official Promises Full Push to Overhaul Plumbing of Mortgage Market – Wall Street Journal
  • Punishing Housing Providers for Racial Imbalances They Didn’t Cause Will Only Lead to More Racial Bias – Cato
  • Garage Conversions Could Ease California Housing Crisis – UCLA
  • Why Dense Housing is Green Housing – Redfin
  • Democrats Court a New Voting Bloc: People Who Don’t Own Homes – New York Times
  • Baby Boomers and the Future of Homeownership in the United States – Berkeley Economic Review
  • Want to Make Millions and Pay No Taxes? Try Real Estate – Bloomberg
  • Young People Can’t Buy Homes Until Older Owners … Move On – Bloomberg


On other countries:

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