Housing View – March 8, 2019

On the US:

  • Oregon’s new rent control law is only a band-aid on the state’s housing woes – Brookings
  • Trickle-down housing economics – Northwestern University
  • Slicing New York’s Housing Pie – New York Times
  • Lens, Manville Shape Discussion of How Housing Can Be Coupled to Transit – Citylab
  • Protect First Time Buyers and Taxpayers. Let the “Patch” Expire – American Enterprise Institute
  • Boston Wants to Flip More Market-Rate Apartments into Affordable Housing – Next City
  • Real Time Economics: More Americans Are Buying a Home Again – Wall Street Journal
  • Climate change is hurting coastal real estate values. Oh, we’re losing ocean fish, too –Los Angeles Times
  • Ask the Economist with Skylar Olsen – DSNews
  • The Affordable Housing Crisis Across The U.S.: ‘Where We Call Home,’ Part 1 – wbur
  • Oregon, the Rent Control State – Wall Street Journal
  • Housing Affordability for Renters Index: Local Perspective and Migration – Urban Institute
  • Three differences between black and white homeownership that add to the housing wealth gap – Urban Institute
  • Housing Finance At A Glance: A Monthly Chartbook, February 2019 – Urban Institute
  • How student debt may foster homeownership – University of Chicago
  • Cheaper Housing Options Boost Homeownership in Some U.S. Metros – Bloomberg
  • Redfin: These housing markets give low-income families a better shot at the American Dream – HousingWire


On other countries:

  • [Australia] The Housing Market and the Economy – Reserve Bank of Australia
  • [Australia] Australian House Prices Provide Food for Doves and Hawks – Bloomberg
  • [Australia] Here Are the Winners From Australia’s Property-Market Downturn – Bloomberg
  • [China] Chinese Banks Will Rise or Fall With the Property Market – Wall Street Journal
  • [Luxembourg] No end in sight for upward housing market spiral in Luxembourg – Financial Times
  • [Netherlands] As Amsterdam Overheats, Investors See Rent Cap Scaring off Money – Bloomberg
  • [Portugal] Portugal’s housing market is strengthening – Global Property Guide
  • [Thailand] Thailand’s modest house price rises – Global Property Guide
  • [United Kingdom] Some of Britain’s wealthiest areas hit by house price drops of up to 25 percent – Global Property Guide

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