Housing View – March 15, 2019

On cross-country:

  • Global House Price Index-Q4 2018 – Knight Frank
  • Prices of prime properties around the world are falling – Economist
  • Strengthening economic case for housing policies – UNSW
  • Political crosswinds buffet global real estate – Financial Times


On the US:

  • Beautiful City: Leisure Amenities and Urban Growth – Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Do the Poor Pay More for Housing? Exploitation, Profit, and Risk in Rental Markets – American Journal of Sociology
  • The Eighth Edition of the First-Time Homebuyer Market Report – Genworth Mortgage Insurance
  • After falling to yearly lows, mortgage rates head back up – Washington Post
  • HPSI Flat as Continued Economic Optimism Offset by Softening Housing Attitudes – Fannie Mae
  • Gavin Newsom Called This City Out on Affordable Housing. Its Leaders Weren’t Mad. – New York Times
  • Here’s why San Francisco housing prices could soon get even crazier – MarketWatch
  • To deal with high housing costs, more married couples are taking in roommates – Washington Post
  • Oregon Will Learn Painful Housing Lessons – Wall Street Journal
  • The Libertarian, with Richard Epstein: “Rent Control, Housing, and Economics – Hoover Institution
  • Zoning, density, and rising housing prices: A case study in Portland, Oregon – SAGE Journals
  • The Tiny House Solution: Accessory Dwelling Units as a Housing Market Fix – Kennedy School Review
  • Experts: Gov’t Should Work to Lessen Natural Disaster Losses, Not Insure Them – Zillow
  • Buyers Finally Get the Upper Hand in Hottest U.S. Housing Markets – Bloomberg
  • High-end home buyers drive mortgage applications higher – Financial Times


On other countries:

  • [Australia] Why It’s Getting Even Harder to Get a Mortgage in Australia – Bloomberg
  • [Australia] Chinese Buyers Helped Boost Australian Home Prices. Now They’re Leaving – Bloomberg
  • [Australia] A Model of the Australian Housing Market – Reserve Bank of Australia
  • [Brazil] Slums in Brazil: Where are They Located, Who Lives in Them, and Do They ‘Squeeze’ the Formal Housing Market? – Journal of Housing Economics
  • [China] Party on: Real estate booms in cradle of China’s Communist revolution – Reuters
  • [Netherlands] Netherlands’ house price rises accelerating – Global Property Guide
  • [Spain] Blackstone Hit by Spain Rental Cap as Populists Push Agenda – Bloomberg
  • [United Kingdom] Why British housebuilders are making such juicy profits – Economist

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