Housing View – January 3, 2019 [2019 AEA Annual Meeting Special Edition]

Below is a preliminary list of papers that will presented at this year’s AEA Annual Meeting on January 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia.


On housing and cycles

  • Is Housing the Business Cycle? A Multi-resolution Analysis for OECD Countries – Paper
  • The First Housing Bubble? Prices and Turnover in Amsterdam, 1582-1810 – Paper
  • Residential Investment and Recession Predictability – Paper
  • Residential House Prices, Commercial Real Estate and Bank Failures – Paper and Presentation
  • Perception of House Price Risk and Homeownership – Paper
  • The Effects of Local Risk on Homeownership – Paper and Presentation
  • What Drove the 2003-2006 House Price Boom and Subsequent Collapse? Disentangling Competing Explanations – Paper
  • Expectations During the U.S. Housing Boom: Inferring Beliefs from Actions – Paper
  • The Housing Boom and Bust: Model Meets Evidence – AEA
  • Spatial Estimates of Bubbles: Tokyo House Prices and Rents – AEA


On housing and mortgage

  • Brokerage Choice, Dual Agency and Housing Market Strength – Paper
  • Villains or Scapegoats? The Role of Subprime Borrowers in Driving the U.S. Housing Boom – Paper
  • Financial Fragility with SAM? – Paper
  • Structuring Mortgages for Macroeconomic Stability – Paper
  • A Crisis of Missed Opportunities? Foreclosure Costs and Mortgage Modification During the Great Recession – Paper
  • Mortgage Design and Slow Recoveries: The Role of Recourse and Default – Paper
  • Correlation in Mortgage Defaults – Paper
  • State Dependency and the Efficacy of Monetary Policy: The Refinancing Channel – Paper
  • No Job, No Money, No Refi: Frictions to Refinancing in a Recession – Paper
  • Mortgage Losses: Loss on Sale and Holding Costs – Paper and Presentation
  • Can Lending Restrictions on “Exotic” Lending Dampen Housing Price Volatility? A Panel VAR Exploration – AEA
  • Mortgage Design and Housing Market – AEA
  • House Price Markups and Mortgage Defaults – AEA
  • Will Housing Mortgagors Increase Their Consumptions after Paying off Loans?-Evidence from Urban China – AEA
  • Home Equity Withdrawal via Credit Card Borrowing-Micro Evidence from China – AEA
  • Rental Markets and the Effect of Credit Conditions on House Prices – Paper
  • Mortgage Lending: Evidence from a Correspondence Field Experiment – AEA
  • Fueling the Credit Crisis – AEA
  • Strategic or Illiquid Mortgage Default? Evidence from Household Bank Account Data– AEA
  • The Impact of Liquidity Regulation on Bank Mortgage Lending – AEA
  • How Is Financial Literacy Important in Mortgage Market? Different Evidence from Urban China – AEA
  • The Impact of Repossession Risk on Mortgage Default – AEA
  • Mortgage Prepayment and Path-Dependent Effects of Monetary Policy – AEA
  • Mortgage Finance Development Across the World – AEA


On housing policy

  • Mortgage Debt, Hand-to-Mouth Households, and the Monetary Policy Transmission – Presentation
  • Heterogeneous Spillovers Of Housing Credit Policy – Paper
  • The Effects of Rent Control Expansion on Tenants, Landlords, and Inequality: Evidence from San Francisco – Paper
  • The Effect of Tax Reform on Tax Liabilities of Owners and Renters – Paper
  • Intermediated Credit Supply and Endogenous Household Leverage Constraints – Paper
  • Real Estate Asset Bubbles and Monetary Policy: The Channel between Central Bank’s Balance Sheet and Firms’ Balance Sheets – Paper
  • Tax Reform, Homeownership Costs, and House Prices – Paper
  • The Effect of Government Mortgage Guarantees on Homeownership – Paper
  • Loan to Value Limits and House Prices – AEA
  • Empirics on the Causal Effects of Rent Control in Germany – AEA
  • An Urban Equilibrium Model with Rent Controls Applied to Paris Urban Area – AEA
  • Monetary Policy, Heterogeneity, and the Housing Channel – AEA
  • Can Lending Restrictions on “Exotic” Lending Dampen Housing Price Volatility? A Panel VAR Exploration – AEA
  • Mortgage Pricing and Monetary Policy – AEA


On housing supply

  • Fewer players, fewer homes: concentration and the new dynamics of housing supply – Paper and Presentation
  • What’s Lost in the Aggregate: Lessons from a Local Index of Housing Supply Elasticities – Paper
  • New Construction and Mortgage Default – Paper and Presentation
  • Spatial Misallocation in Chinese Housing and Land Markets – AEA


On housing affordability

  • Targeting In-Kind Transfers Through Market Design: A Revealed Preference Analysis of Public Housing Allocation – Paper
  • Affordable Housing and City Welfare – Paper
  • Political Control of the State Legislature and Municipal Bond Financing for Affordable Housing – Paper
  • Waiting Lists, Lotteries and Public Housing: Natural Experiment Evidence from Amsterdam – Paper
  • Affordable Housing in Westchester County – Paper
  • How (Not) to Allocate Affordable Housing – AEA
  • The Public-Housing Allocation Problem: Theory and Evidence from Pittsburgh – AEA
  • Not In My Neighbor’s Back Yard? Laneway Homes and Neighbors’ Property Values – AEA
  • Does Affordable Housing Participation Reduce Default and Prepayment? The Case for the Montgomery County MPDU Program – AEA


On housing and evictions

  • Does Eviction Cause Poverty? Quasi-experimental Evidence from Cook County, IL – Paper
  • The Effect of Residential Evictions on Low-Income Adults – AEA
  • Health Insurance and Housing Stability: The Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Evictions – AEA


On housing, investors, and speculation

  • Out-of-Town Home Buyers and City Welfare – Paper
  • Economic Consequences of Housing Speculation – Paper
  • Speculative Dynamics of Prices and Volume – Paper
  • Expectations During the U.S. Housing Boom: Inferring Beliefs from Actions – Paper
  • Speculative Asset Bubbles: The Primary Drivers of “Systemic” Banking Crises in Post-war Advanced Economies – Presentation
  • Buying Up Elm Street: Institutional Investors and the Housing Recovery – AEA
  • Speculating on Superstition: Evidence from Housing Transactions in Hungry Ghost Months in Singapore – AEA


On housing and the sharing economy

  • Which Neighborhood Joins the Sharing Economy and Why? – The Case of the Short-term Rental Market in New York City – Paper
  • Cash to Spend: Credit Constraints, IPO Lockups, and House Prices – Paper
  • Can Landlords be Paid to Stop Avoiding Voucher Tenants? – Paper


On housing, the environment, and natural disasters

  • Toxic Assets: How the Housing Market Responds to Environmental Information Shocks – Paper
  • Aircraft Noise Pollution, Soundproofing, and Lagging House Price Adjustments: Evidence from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport – Paper
  • Natural Disasters and Housing Markets: The Tenure Choice Channel – Paper


On housing and transportation

  • Commuting, Labor and Housing Market Effects of Mass Transportation: Welfare and Identification – Paper and Presentation
  • International Travel Costs and Local Housing Markets – Paper


On housing and everything else

  • Getting High or Getting Low? – Paper
  • Allocation of Education, School District Policy and Housing Market Efficiency – Presentation
  • Why Are Housing Demand Curves Upward Sloping? – Paper and Presentation
  • The Cross-Section of Expected Housing Returns – Paper
  • Amenity Migration within a Millennial City Evidence from Washington DC Tax Data, 2005-2014 – Paper and Presentation
  • Getting More by Asking for Less? – Paper
  • Magnification of the ‘China Shock’ Through the United States Housing Market – Paper and Presentation
  • Valuing Housing Services in the Era of Big Data: A User Cost Approach Leveraging Zillow Microdata – Paper
  • The Propagation of Regional Shocks in Housing Markets: Evidence from Oil Price Shocks in Canada – Paper
  • Housing Wealth, Health and Deaths of Despair – Paper
  • What Happens After You Overpay for Your House – Paper and Presentation
  • When Birth or Death Hits Home: House Prices, Rents and Demography in Paris and Amsterdam, 1400-present – Presentation
  • Residential House Prices, Commercial Real Estate and Bank Failures – Paper and Presentation
  • Perception of House Price Risk and Homeownership – Paper
  • Attitudes Toward and Perceptions of the Ambiguity of House and Stock Prices – Paper
  • Housing Wealth and Consumption: New Evidence from Household-Level Panel Data – AEA
  • Sorting or Steering: Experimental Evidence on the Economic Effects of Housing Discrimination and Its Consequences for Environmental Justice – AEA
  • Real Estate News and REIT Returns – AEA
  • The Impact of Housing Quality on Health and Labor Market Outcomes: The German Reunification – AEA
  • Sexual Orientation, Gender, Pregnancy, and Family Composition Discrimination in Machine Learning, Building Vintage and Property Values – AEA
  • The Impacts of Racial Discrimination on Housing Choice and Welfare in the United States – AEA
  • House Prices, Migration, and the Evolution of the Wealth Distribution – AEA


*AEA indicates that neither the paper or presentation is available at the moment.

**This post has been updated on January 5 to add missing papers, and to add links to presentations and papers to existing papers. 

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