2019 AEA’s papers on Inequality

Below is a preliminary list of papers that were presented at this year’s AEA Annual Meeting on January 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia.


On income inequality

  • Time Discounting, Savings Behavior and Wealth Inequality – Paper
  • Wealth Inequality, Income Volatility, and Race – Paper
  • Are Financial Information Technologies Making the Rich Richer? – Paper
  • The Uncertainty of Academic Rent and Income Inequality: The OECD Panel Evidence – Paper
  • Does Environmental Policy Affect Income Inequality? Evidence from The Clean Air Act. – Paper and Presentation
  • Examining Interrelation between Global and National Income Inequalities – Paper and Presentation
  • Top 1% Income Shares: Comparing Estimates Using Tax Data – Paper
  • Modeling Wealth and Income Inequality: Implications for Optimal Taxation – AEA
  • Openness and Income Disparity in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Cross-Country Analysis – AEA
  • Military Expenditures and Income Inequality Evidence from a Panel of European Countries (1990-2015) – AEA


On wage and employment inequality

  • Global Value Chains, Firms, and Wage Inequality: Evidence from China – Paper
  • The Effects of Credit Supply on Wage Inequality between and within Firms – Paper
  • College Tuition and Income Inequality – Paper
  • The Innovation Premium to Soft Skills in low-skilled occupations – Paper
  • Employment Inequality: Why Do the Low-Skilled Work Less Now? – Paper and Presentation
  • Skill, Agglomeration, and Inequality in the Spatial Economy – Paper
  • Closing the Gap: The Effect of a Targeted, Tuition-Free Promise on College Choices of High-Achieving, Low-Income Students – Paper 
  • Work and Grow Rich: The Dynamic Effects of Performance Pay Contracts – Paper
  • Between Firm Changes in Earnings Inequality: The Role of Productivity Dispersion, the Composition of Firms and Workers, and Industry Earnings Differentials – AEA
  • Is Employment Polarization Informative About Wage Inequality and Is Employment Really Polarizing? – AEA
  • Income, Poverty, and Inequality over Two Decades – AEA
  • Tasks, Occupations, and Wage Inequality in an Open Economy – AEA


On gender inequality

  • Coordination of Hours within the Firm – Paper and Presentation
  • The Role of Historical Resource Scarcity in Modern Gender Inequality – Presentation
  • Gender Inequality and Economic Growth: Evidence from Industry-Level Data – Paper
  • Managers’ Gender Norms and the Gender Gap – Paper
  • Gender Earnings Inequality and Wage Policy in Kyrgyzstan: Evidence from Household Surveys, 2010-2016 – Paper
  • Gender Inequality and Marketisation Hypothesis in sub-Saharan Africa – Paper
  • Fiscal Policy Effectiveness on Gender Equality in Asia Pacific: Efficacy of Gender Budgeting – Paper and Presentation
  • Fields of Study Choices and the Reproduction of Gender Inequalities – AEA
  • The Global Cost of Gender Inequality – AEA
  • Sexual Dimorphism in Stature as a Measure of Gender Inequality – AEA
  • The Origins and Real Effects of the Gender Gap: Evidence from CEOs’ Formative Years – AEA


On inequality and everything else

  • Land Inequality and the Provision of Public Works – Paper
  • Consumption Inequality across Heterogeneous Families – Paper
  • Coupled Lotteries – A New Method to Analyze Inequality Aversion – Paper
  • Biased Perceptions? Consolidating Cross-Country Evidence on Objective and Perceived Inequality – Paper
  • Investment-Specific Technological Change, Taxation and Inequality in the U.S. – Paper and Presentation
  • The Effect of Political Power on Labor Market Inequality: Evidence from the 1965 Voting Rights Act – Paper
  • Regional Inequality in the U.S.: Evidence from City-level Purchasing Power – Paper
  • Inequality, Autocracy and Sovereign Funds as Determinants of Foreign Portfolio Flows – Paper and Presentation
  • Does the Girl Next Door Affect Your Academic Outcomes and Career Choices? – Paper     
  • Beyond Piketty: A New Perspective on Poverty and Inequality in India – AEA
  • Is India’s Employment Guarantee Program Successfully Challenging Her Historical Inequalities? – AEA
  • Regional Differences in the Intergenerational Transmission of Inequality: Evidence from the NLSY – AEA
  • Globalization and Inequality in Innovation: A Perspective from U.S. R&D Tax Credit Policy – AEA
  • Information and Inequality – AEA
  • Redistribution through Markets – AEA
  • Estimating Inequality in Air Pollution Exposure  AEA
  • Are There Macroeconomic Costs to Racial Inequality in the United States? – AEA
  • Food Deserts and the Causes of Nutritional Inequality – AEA
  • Spatial Justice, Uneven Development, and Intergenerational Inequality: A ‘Postcolonial’ United States of America – AEA

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