2019 AEA’s papers on Energy and Climate Change

Below is a preliminary list of papers that will presented at this year’s AEA Annual Meeting on January 4-6 in Atlanta, Georgia.


On energy and everything else

  • United States Internal Migration Networks, Energy Use, and Emissions – Paper
  • Too Much Energy: The Perverse Effect of Low Energy Price – Paper
  • Are Energy Executives Rewarded For Luck? – Paper
  • United States Internal Migration Networks, Energy Use, and Emissions – Paper
  • Structural Approach to Dynamic Energy Pricing and Consumer Welfare – Presentation
  • Smart Thermostats, Social Information, and Energy Conservation: Distributional Evidence from a Field Experiment – AEA
  • Quantifying Negative Externalities of Energy Infrastructure Using Wellbeing and Hedonic Price Data: Evidence from Biogas Plants – AEA
  • Air Conditioning and Global Energy Consumption – AEA
  • The Internal and External Costs of Renewable Intermittency – AEA
  • The Interplay between Renewables and Hydrocarbons in the Energy Transition – AEA
  • Innovation, Openness, and Energy Demand – AEA


On carbon, gas, oil, and shale

  • Fracking, farmers, and rural electrification in India – Paper
  • Effects of Severance Tax on Economic Activity: Evidence from the Oil Sector – Paper and Presentation
  • Oil for Food? Oil Spills and Agricultural Productivity – Paper
  • Welfare Gains from Market Insurance: The Case of Mexican Oil Price Risk – Paper
  • Business Cycles and Innovation Cycles in the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry: Surviving the Ups and Downs – Presentation
  • Learning Where to Drill: Drilling Decisions and Geological Quality in the Haynesville Shale – Paper and Presentation
  • Shale Gaz Extraction in the United States: Perspectives from Geo-Located Twitter Conversations and Academic Publications – Presentation
  • Relinquishing Riches: Auctions Versus “Wild West” Negotiations in Texas Oil and Gas Leasing – AEA
  • Nonlinear Causal Relationship between Shale Oil Price and Employment in the United States: Evidence from a Nonlinear ARDL Approach – AEA
  • The Potential for Peak Oil Demand – AEA
  • Station Heterogeneity and the Dynamics of Retail Gasoline Prices  – AEA
  • Bidding and Drilling Under Uncertainty: Identification and Estimation of Contingent Payment Auctions – AEA


On electricity

  • Imperfect Markets Versus Imperfect Regulation in United States Electricity Generation – Paper
  • Does Electrification Cause Industrial Development? Grid Expansion and Firm Turnover in Indonesia – Paper
  • Do Reward and Reprimand Policies Reduce Electricity Distribution Losses? – Paper
  • Optimization of a Prototype Electric Power System: Legacy Assets and New Investments – Paper and Presentation
  • Dynamic Competition and Arbitrage in Electricity Markets: The Role of Financial Traders – Paper
  • Ramping Up Renewable Energies: The Role of Ramping Cost and Electricity Storage – AEA
  • Private and Social Costs of Misallocation in Indian Electricity Supply – AEA
  • Testing for Market Efficiency with Transaction Costs: An Application to Financial Trading in Wholesale Electricity Markets – AEA


On electric vehicles

  • Adoption of Electric Vehicles: Manufacturers’ Incentive and Government Policy – Paper
  • Long-Term Transportation Electricity Use Considering the Effect of Autonomous-Vehicles: Estimates & Policy Observations – Paper
  • Electric vehicles and residential energy consumption: An indirect rebound effect – AEA


On energy and policy

  • Would Energy Tax Policy Significantly Influence the Diffusion Rate of The Renewable Energy Portfolio in The United States? – Paper and Presentation
  • Impacts of Renewable Fuel Policy with Sentiment on the Energy and Agricultural Markets: A Vine Copula-based ARMA-GJR-GARCHX Model – Paper
  • Using Emissions Trading Schemes to Reduce Heterogeneous Distortionary Taxes: the case of Recycling Carbon Auction Revenues to support Renewable Energy – Paper and Presentation
  • Getting More of Something Without Subsidizing It: Impact of Time-of-Use Electricity Pricing on Residential Energy Efficiency and Solar Panel Adoption – AEA


On climate change and policy

  • Market Power in Coal Shipping and Implications for U.S. Climate Policy – Paper
  • Global Cost Estimates of Forest Climate Mitigation with Albedo: A New Integrative Policy Approach – Paper
  • Unilateral Action under an Emissions Cap – Paper
  • Climate Change Legislation and Social Values: Do They Complement or Substitute Each Other in Reducing Carbon Emissions? – AEA


On climate change and everything else

  • Energy Efficiency and Directed Technical Change: Implications for Climate Change Mitigation – Paper
  • Climate Risks of Sales Forecasts: Evidence from Satellite Readings of Soil Moisture – Paper and Presentation
  • Climate Change Induced Inter-Province Migration in Iran – Paper
  • Climate Finance under Conflicts and Renegotiations: A Dynamic Contract Approach – Paper
  • Estimating the Impacts of Changes in Weather Circadian Rhythms on French Agricultural Production – Paper
  • Heat and Learning – Paper
  • Expectations and Adaptation to Environmental Risks – Paper
  • Moving to Floodplains: The Unintended Consequences of the National Flood Insurance Program on Population Flows – Paper
  • Salvation or Commodification? The Role of Money and Markets in Global Ecological Preservation – Paper
  • Carbon Risk – Paper and Presentation
  • Climate Change and Flood Beliefs: Evidence from New York Real Estate – Paper
  • Climate Risks of Sales Forecasts: Evidence from Satellite Readings of Soil Moisture – Paper and Presentation
  • The Effect of Local Pollution on the Cognitive Productivity of Judges: A Case Study of the Mexican Judiciary – AEA
  • Creating comfort in a warming world: The role of smart thermostats – AEA
  • Modeling System Complexity in the Context of Geopolitics Related to Climate Change – AEA
  • Do Common-Pool Resources Help Insure Household Food Security from Climate Shocks? – AEA
  • Malthus in Africa? Positive and Preventive Checks on Population in a Changing Climate – AEA
  • Adaptation to Environmental Change: Agriculture and the Unexpected Incidence of the Acid Rain Program – AEA
  • Ramping Up Renewable Energies: The Role of Ramping Cost and Electricity Storage – AEA
  • Climate shocks, lake drying and children’s cognitive skills and violent behavior: Evidence from Chad – AEA
  • A New Approach to Measuring Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation – AEA
  • Learning, Adaptation and Climate Uncertainty: Evidence from Indian Agriculture – AEA

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