Housing View – November 9, 2018

On cross-country:


On the US:

  • Birth Rates and Home Values: A Closer Look – Zillow
  • Affordability, Disruption & Rising Interest Rates Lead Top Ten Issues Facing Real Estate – National Association of Realtors
  • US Housing: As good as it gets? – ING
  • When Millennials Battle Boomers Over Housing – Citylab
  • Ballots for Buildings: Voters Weigh Affordable Housing Measures – The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • Are median incomes actually stagnating? How we calculate housing costs affects the answer – Urban Institute
  • Amazon’s real estate team did its homework – Brookings
  • How Minimum Zoning Mandates Can Improve Housing Markets and Expand Opportunity – The Aspen Institute
  • Resilience and housing markets: Who is it really for? – Land Use Policy


On other countries:

  • [Australia] Australia’s Property Slump Casts Doubt on Household Spending – Bloomberg
  • [Australia] Significant drop in auction rates set alarm bells ringing for major Australian housing markets – Global Property Guide
  • [Canada] Vancouver’s complicated relationship with Chinese money – CBC
  • [China] Three New Signs China’s Housing Market Slowdown Is Taking Hold – Bloomberg
  • [Denmark] Party is over for apartment owners – but the Danish housing market is picking up – Danske Bank
  • [Hungary] Measuring Heterogeneity of House Price Developments in Hungary, 1990–2016 – Central Bank of Hungary


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