Housing View – November 30, 2018

On cross-country:

  • There is more to high house prices than constrained supply – Economist
  • Pockets of risk in European housing markets – VoxEU
  • The real cost of international real estate – Savills
  • Rising residential costs help push Hong Kong to the top of the Savills Live/Work Index – Savills


On the US:

  • Drivers of the Great Housing Boom-Bust: Credit Conditions, Beliefs, or Both? – NBER
  • What The 1990s Tell Us About The Next Housing Bust – Real Estate Decoded
  • Ruling mostly clears plan to upzone Seattle neighborhoods for affordable housing – Seattle Times
  • A tax break to hasten gentrification? Housing market’s Opportunity Zones may miss their target – Market Watch
  • US: Signs of a slowdown? – ING
  • Ahead of Amazon’s move to Queens, could buying an apartment count as insider trading? – Quartz
  • 81 Percent of Homes in the San Francisco Metro Area Are Worth More Than $1 Million. That’s Not Normal. – Reason
  • The U.S. Housing Boom Is Coming to an End, Starting in Dallas – Wall Street Journal
  • What Accounts for Recent Growth in Homeowner Households? – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • 6 ways Washington could make housing more affordable – Politico
  • Why a housing project is building hope for the US working poor – Financial Times
  • Rent Control Is Making a Comeback. But Is That a Good Idea? – The Pew Charitable Trusts
  • House prices have surged, and so will the government’s mortgage obligations – Market Watch
  • Why 2019 won’t lead to a home buyer’s market – Market Watch
  • Black Homeowners Saw Greater Home Price Appreciation Than Whites in Some Areas – CityLab
  • Secret luxury homes: how the ultra-rich hide their properties – Financial Times


On other countries:

  • [Australia] Securitisation and the Housing Market – Reserve Bank of Australia
  • [Australia] Why Australia may not be the next “big short” – MacroBusiness
  • [China] China’s Real Estate Market – NBER
  • [Ireland] Why are job numbers soaring despite the housing crisis? – The Irish Times
  • [New Zealand] NZ cenbank to ease mortgage curbs but lift bank capital norms – Reuters
  • [Puerto Rico] Generadores de 3700 dólares y lavabos de 666 dólares: los sobreprecios de las reparaciones en Puerto Rico – New York Times
  • [Singapore] Financial Stability Review 2018 – Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • [Sweden] Financial Stability Report 2018:02 – Sveriges Riksbank
  • [Sweden] Swedish housing market starting to crumble – Variant Perception
  • [United Kingdom] The case for scrapping stamp duty – Economist
  • [United Kingdom] Lending relationships and the collateral channel – Bank of England
  • [United Kingdom] Brexit effect ‘limited’ on UK house prices – Financial Times
  • [United Kingdom] BOE Warns Disorderly Brexit May Halve Commercial-Property Prices – Bloomberg


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