Housing View – September 14, 2018

On cross-country:


On the US:


On other countries:

  • [Australia] Chinese real estate investment in Australia drops by nearly 30% – Macro Business
  • [China] How Much Would China’s GDP Respond to a Slowdown in Housing Activity? – Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
  • [Iceland] Iceland’s house prices continue to rise, albeit at a slower pace – Global Property Guide
  • [Ireland] House prices in Ireland continue to rise at breakneck speed – Global Property Guide
  • [Portugal] Portugal’s housing market remains robust – Global Property Guide
  • [Portugal] Qué son las “visas doradas” y por qué causan polémica en Portugal – BBC
  • [Romania] Romania’s house price growth decelerating sharply – Global Property Guide
  • [Spain] The financial transmission of housing bubbles: Evidence from Spain – VoxEU
  • [Spain] Te presentamos a tu casero: se llama Blackstone y es dueño de medio Madrid – GQ
  • [Sweden] Sweden’s house price boom is officially over – Global Property Guide
  • [Switzerland] Holes in Swiss property market ring mortgage alarm bells – Reuters
  • [Thailand] Thailand’s house prices rising strongly again – Global Property Guide
  • [United Kingdom] Housing affordability: Is new local supply the key? – Sage Journals


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