Does Globalization Lower Tax Rates?

From a new working paper by Priya Ranjan and Giray Gozgor:

“We construct a theoretical model to capture the compensation and efficiency effects of globalization in a set up where the redistributive tax rate is chosen by the median voter. The model predicts that the two alternative modes of globalization- trade liberalization and financial openness- could potentially have different effects on taxation. We then provide some empirical evidence on the relationship between taxation and the alternative modes of globalization using a large cross-country panel dataset. We make a distinction between de jure and de facto measures of globalization and find a robust negative relationship between de jure measures financial openness and tax rates. There is no robust relationship between de facto measures of finanical openness and taxation. As well, the relationship between trade liberalization (both de jure and de facto measures) and tax rates is not robust and depends on the measures of taxation as well as the time period of analysis.”

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