Housing View – July 13, 2018

On cross-country:

  • European House Prices Tell Very Different Economic Tales: Chart – Bloomberg


On the US:

  • Homeownership Aspirations: The Enduring, But Evolving, American Dream – Zillow
  • Even fully employed and moderate income households struggle to-pay the rent – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • How a Tiny Bank From the Ozarks Got Big and Outpaced Wall Street’s Real Estate Machine – Bloomberg
  • Housing an Aging Region – Urban Institute
  • Building and Protecting Affordable and Adequate Rental Housing – Urban Institute
  • Rebuilding and Sustaining Homeownership for African Americans – Urban Institute
  • Tackling Southeast Michigan’s Biggest Housing Challenges – Urban Institute
  • The state of millennial homeownership – Urban Institute
  • Under US housing policies, homeowners mostly win, while renters mostly lose – Brookings
  • Pentagon Says It Won’t Pay for Housing of Immigrants – Foreign Policy
  • Trying to Cut Crime in Public Housing by Making It More Livable – New York Times
  • Labor Demand Shocks and Housing Prices across the US: Does One Size Fit All? – Institute of Labor Economics
  • House Money: Wall Street Is Raising More Cash Than Ever for Its Rental-Home Gambit – Wall Street Journal
  • Americans Burdened by Increasing Housing Costs, Slow Wage Gains – Bloomberg
  • Shared Prosperity (or Lack Thereof) in the Sharing Economy – Purdue University, Washington Post


On other countries:

  • [Australia] Australian Tightening of Property Loan Standards Mostly Over – Bloomberg
  • [Canada] Toronto And Vancouver Top-Tier Housing Markets Headed In Opposite Directions: Sotheby’s – Huffington Post
  • [Canada] Vancouver, Can We Talk About Housing Without Getting So Angry? – The Tyee
  • [China] Why women own less housing assets in China? The role of intergenerational transfers – Journal of Housing and the Built Environment
  • [China] China scales back property subsidies, adding to growth concerns – Financial Times
  • [China] China: An Uneven Housing Market – Continuum Economics
  • [China] China to restrict subsidies for shantytown redevelopment projects – Reuters
  • [Japan] Lack of supply drives rise in Kyoto’s property prices – Financial Times
  • [Singapore] Three Charts That Help Explain Singapore’s New Property Curbs – Bloomberg
  • [Spain] El precio del alquiler en España sigue sin encontrar techo – Reuters
  • [Singapore] Singapore’s Cooling Measures and Its Housing Market – Journal of Housing Economics
  • [United Kingdom] Bank of England should aim to freeze house prices for five years – report – Guardian


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