Housing View – June 8, 2018

On cross-country:

  • Western Cities Want to Slow Flood of Chinese Home Buying. Nothing Works. – Wall Street Journal
  • International comparisons of mortgage markets, part II – Rutgers Center for Real Estate
  • A Guide to Some of My Blog Posts, Hither and Yon – Steve Malpezzi
  • Residential investment and economic activity: evidence from the past five decades – Bank for International Settlements
  • Q1 2018: Strong house price rises continue in Europe, US and parts of Asia – Global Property Guide
  • Book Review: Municipal Dreams: The Rise and Fall of Social Housing, by John Boughton – Financial Times
  • Affordable housing solutions in pipes, containers and 3D printers – Reuters
  • The financing of renovation in the social housing sector: A comparative study in 6 European countries – Housing Europe
  • Why loan-to-value matters when you shop for a mortgage – Financial Times
  • Blackstone remains global king of property funds – Financial Times


On the US:

  • Can a new mayor fix San Francisco’s housing and homelessness problems? – Economist
  • The Political and Policy Conundrum of Rent Control – Zillow
  • A First Look at the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, the Economy, and Real Estate – Steve Malpezzi
  • The Death of the Small Apartment Building – Bloomberg
  • Why reducing urban traffic congestion can help the American middle class – London School of Economics
  • California’s emigrants aren’t all moving to cheaper housing markets – MarketWatch
  • After Years of Disinvestment, City Public Housing Is Poised to Get U.S. Oversight – New York Times
  • In Vancouver, a Housing Frenzy That Even Owners Want to End – New York Times
  • Los Angeles tenants increasingly engaging in rent strikes amid housing crisis – Washington Post
  • Strategies for Responding to Gentrification – Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies
  • The Sharing Economy and Housing Affordability: Evidence from Airbnb – SSRN
  • The Latest HUD Proposal Would Exacerbate the Housing Insecurity Crisis – Center for American Progress
  • Shifting the risk of mortgage defaults from taxpayers to investors – Brookings
  • Home Value Forecast: Does Quality of School System Impact Home Prices? – Pro Teck
  • Housing Was Undersupplied during the Great Housing Bubble – George Mason University
  • Response to the Federal Housing Finance Agency Request for Comment on How Its Regulations May Be Made More Effective and Less Burdensome – George Mason University
  • Underwriting Loosening for Conventional Conforming Loans – CoreLogic
  • Booming cities, unintended consequences – McKinsey
  • S. house prices to rise at twice the speed of inflation and pay: Reuters poll – Reuters
  • ‘YIMBY’ call to build more housing divides booming San Francisco – Reuters
  • Red Tape Is What Keeps Housing Unaffordable – Foundation For Economic Education
  • Boston’s housing market, in three charts – Urban Institute
  • The Tight Housing Supply Is Raising Prices – Wall Street Journal
  • Seattle Declares War on Workers With Wage and Housing Regulations – Mises Institute
  • S. Home Flipping Rate Matches Six-Year High in Q1 2018 – ATTOM


On other countries:

  • [Australia] Australia’s House Prices Retreat Appears Entrenched – Wall Street Journal
  • [Canada] OPINION: All three major parties ignore real solutions to Ontario’s housing crunch – Toronto Sun
  • [Canada] Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Could Leave Canada’s Housing Sector on Shakier Foundation – Wall Street Journal
  • [China] Luxury Real Estate Comes to Urban Chinatowns – Wall Street Journal
  • [China] China pushes state banks into home rental market at their own risk – Reuters
  • [Denmark] Danish non-profit social housing and mortgage institutes – a common stand on future financial regulation – European Covered Bond Council
  • [France] Airbnb: The home-sharing site’s number one destination is Paris, where it stands accused of driving up rents and house prices – Financial Times
  • [Germany] Germany to toughen laws to stem steep rent hikes – Reuters
  • [Ireland] Home mortgage debt outstanding legacy of Ireland’s financial crisis – Reuters
  • [Ireland] Ireland’s housing crisis – The case for a European cost rental model – Nevin Economic Research Institute
  • [Netherlands] Exploding house prices and imploding affordability in urban housing markets – Rabobank
  • [Norway] Strong Norway house prices fuel August or September rate hike view – Reuters
  • [United Kingdom] ‘Reform land valuation’ call to unlock housing plots in the UK – Financial Times
  • [United Kingdom] Brexit puts a ceiling on London housing demand, prices – Reuters poll – Financial Times


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