House Prices in Switzerland

The IMF’s latest report on Switzerland says that:

“Private sector leverage and real estate exposure is high. The growth rate of mortgage claims has slowed from a high base, but these claims increase by about 5 percentage points of GDP per year. Liquidity and capital of domestically-focused banks exceed regulatory minima, and profits have held up despite narrowing interest spreads. Following a series of macroprudential tightening measures during 2012–14, property prices subsequently stabilized, but have risen again recently alongside moderating mortgage interest rates. Reflecting their status as attractive global cities and internationally-traded assets, property prices in Geneva and Zurich have been among the fastest growing in the world. However, standard housing-price metrics do not indicate significant misalignment. Newer-vintage mortgages appear riskier, with nearly half exceeding indicative affordability thresholds and also carrying higher loan-to-value ratios, especially those for purchasing
investment properties.”

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