House Prices in Qatar

The IMF’s latest report on Qatar says that:

“Developments in the real estate market and the related price movements warrant vigilance. The real estate price index fell by about 10 percent in 2017 (year-on-year basis) following cumulative increase of 53 percent during 2014–16, reflecting increased supply of new
properties and lower effective demand. Though banks have substantial loss absorption capacity in terms of capital and loan loss provisioning, a sharper decline in property prices presents a risk to the banking system given its sizable exposure to the real estate sector. While the banking sector can withstand even a very sharp deterioration in real estate prices and rise in NPLs (…), in its supervisory role, QCB should periodically revisit the existing macroprudential measures, such as real estate exposure limits, loan-to-value and loan-to-deposit ratios and recalibrate these as needed to ensure that they are sufficiently countercyclical. Enhanced real estate statistics would facilitate monitoring of developments in the sector.”


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