Housing View – March 30, 2018

On cross-country:


On the US:

  • Mortgage Design in an Equilibrium Model of the Housing Market – NBER
  • What to Expect From the Housing Market This Spring – New York Times
  • California’s Housing Prices Need to Come Down – Citylab


On other countries:

  • [Canada] Toronto’s Tale of Two Markets Is Hot Condos and Cold Houses – Bloomberg
  • [China] China looks to Reits to ease housing woes – Financial Times
  • [China] Does Housing Unaffordability Crowd Out Elites in Chinese Superstar Cities? – Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  • [Germany] Berlin loosens law for short-term home rentals – Reuters
  • [Japan] Land ho, a sign of life in Japan – Financial Times
  • [Netherlands] Revolutionary housing project brings Dutch youth together with refugees – UNHCR
  • [Netherlands] Airbnb rentals in Netherlands are worsening the housing crisis – Global Property Guide
  • [United Kingdom] High housing costs deter workers moving to London – Financial Times
  • [United Kingdom] Brexit and the City: Tracking the fortunes of London’s financial districts – Reuters
  • [United Kingdom] Brexit and the City – the real estate agent’s view – Reuters



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