Housing View – March 2, 2018

On cross-country:

  • Housing Europe Yearbook 2017 – Housing Europe
  • Supply is the cause of the housing crisis – and we do need to build more homes in successful cities – Centre for Cities
  • Real estate agent performance and fee structure – Vox
  • The “V” in LTV and Why it Matters – European Covered Bond Council
  • Strong house price rises continue in Europe, US, Canada and parts of Asia. The Middle East is weak. – Global Property Guide


On the US:


On other countries:

  • [Austria] Why Vienna remains a renter’s paradise – Financial Times
  • [Canada] Toronto’s housing supply challenge and the growth plan paradox – Reuters
  • [Chile] Squatters, Shanties, and Technocratic Professionals: Urban Migration and Housing Shortages in Twentieth-Century Chile – City University of New York
  • [Malaysia] Affordable Housing: Challenges and the Way Forward – Central Bank of Malaysia
  • [New Zealand] Residential construction and population growth in New Zealand: 1996-2016 – Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • [Spain] The Financial Transmission of Housing Bubbles: Evidence from Spain – Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • [Singapore] Singapore swing: pent-up demand boosts property prices – Financial Times



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