Housing View – February 9, 2018

On cross-country:

  • Property still beats a pension, say retirement savers – Financial Times
  • A Driverless Future Threatens the Laws of Real Estate – Bloomberg
  • Yes to Affordable Housing in My Backyard – Project Syndicate


On the US:


On other countries:

  • [Canada] Canadian mortgages held by foreigners grow, says housing agency – Reuters
  • [Canada] Home Equity Extraction and the Boom-Bust Cycle in Consumption and Residential Investment – Bank of Canada
  • [Canada] New CMHC study sheds light on rising house prices – CMHC
  • [Canada] Canada’s housing market flirts with disaster – Financial Times
  • [China] Beyond homeownership: Housing conditions, housing support and rural migrant urban settlement intentions in China – Cities
  • [China] China developers retreat from Hong Kong property market – Financial Times
  • [Germany] Demographic Changes and House Prices: A case study of the German Detached Houses – Journal of Regional & Socio-Economic Issues
  • [Nigeria] Sub-standard housing and slum clearance in developing countries: A case study of Nigeria – Habitat International
  • [Norway] Can monetary policy revive the housing market in a crisis? Evidence from high-resolution data on Norwegian transactions – Journal of Housing Economics
  • [South Africa] Drought Dulls Thirst for Some of Africa’s Most Expensive Homes – Bloomberg
  • [Sweden] Banks Pile Into Sweden’s Housing Market – Bloomberg
  • [Turkey] Determinants of Residential Real Estate Prices in Turkey – European Journal of Business and Social Sciences
  • [United Kingdom] UK house prices: Looking far into the past and into the future – VOX
  • [United Kingdom] A Day of Reckoning for UK Housing – New Economics Foundation
  • [United Kingdom] Sellers accept big discounts on top-end London property – Financial Times



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