2018 AEA Annual Meeting’s Papers on Inequality

On income inequality

  • Top Income Inequality in the 21st Century: Some Cautionary Notes – AEA
  • Capitalists in the Twenty-first Century – Paper
  • Long Run Developments of Income and Wealth Inequality: Do They Move Together? – AEA
  • Has Middle Class Wealth Recovered? – Paper
  • Income and Wealth Inequality in America, 1949-2013 – Paper
  • Recent Trends in the Variability of Men’s Earnings: Evidence From Administrative and Survey Data – Paper
  • Taxes, Regulations of Businesses and Evolution of Income Inequality in the United States – Paper
  • Origins of Wealth Inequality – AEA
  • An Empirical Institutionalist Analysis of the Determinants of Income and Wealth Inequality in USA Since the 1980s – Paper
  • Road to Despair and the Geography of the America Left Behind – AEA


On gender inequality

  • Top Income Inequality and the Gender Pay Gap – Paper and Presentation
  • Choosing Between Career and Family – Gender Roles as a Coordination Device in a Specialization Game – AEA
  • Gender Inequality in Post-capitalism: Theorizing Institutions for Democratic Workplaces – Paper


On racial inequality

  • Examining the Black-White Earnings Differential with Administrative Records – Paper
  • Occupational Licensing Reduces Racial and Gender Wage Gaps: Evidence From the Survey of Income and Program Participation – AEA
  • Higher Education in Orthodox, Heterodox, and Stratification Economics Perspectives on Racial Economic Inequality – AEA
  • Poverty and Inequality – AEA
  • Inequality Between and Within Immigrant Groups in the United States – Paper
  • Revising The Racial Wage Gap Among Men: The Role Of Non-employment And Incarceration – AEA
  • Revisiting Bergmann’s Occupational Crowding Model – AEA
  • Racial Differences in Labor Force Participation Since the Great Recession: What’s Happening? – Paper
  • The Color of Wealth: Evidence Across United States Cities – AEA
  • No End in Sight? The Widening Racial Wealth Gap Since The Great Recession – AEA


On populism and globalization

  • Understanding the Rise of Populism: Financialisation, Household Balance Sheet Structures, and Inequality in the United States Since 1980s – Paper
  • Trade and Inequality: Evidence From Worker-level Adjustment in France – AEA
  • Trade, Jobs, and Inequality – AEA
  • Globalization and Inequality in Innovation: A Perspective from U.S. R&D Tax Credit Policy – Paper
  • Making Financial Globalization More Inclusive – Paper and Presentation
  • Making Globalization More Inclusive: When Compensation Is Not Enough – Paper


On labor

  • Earnings Inequality and Mobility Trends in the United States: Nationally Representative Estimates from Longitudinally Linked Employer-employee Data – Paper and Presentation
  • Theories of Redistribution and Share of Labor Income – Paper
  • Labor Unions and Wealth Inequality – AEA
  • The Care Penalty and the Power Premium: Earnings Inequality in the United States – AEA
  • Inequality, Good Governance and Endemic Corruption – Paper
  • Inequality and the Disappearing Large Firm Pay Premium – Paper
  • Earnings Inequality and the Minimum Wage: Evidence From Brazil – Paper
  • Unequal Growth in Local Wages: Rail Versus Internet Infrastructure – Paper
  • Determinants of the Wage Share: Evidence From Firm-level Data – Presentation
  • Declining Labor and Capital Shares – Paper
  • Labor Share and Technology Dynamics – Paper
  • Theories of Redistribution and Share of Labor Income – Paper
  • Earnings Inequality and the Role of the Firm – Paper and Presentation
  • Inequality in Retirement Wealth – Paper and Presentation
  • Delayed Retirement and the Growth in Economic Inequality by Work Ability – Paper
  • Robots, Growth and Inequality: Should We Fear the Robot Revolution? – Paper and Presentation
  • Endogenous Skill Choice as Source of Productivity Dispersion – Presentation
  • The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms – Paper


On Africa

  • Inclusive Finance for SMEs in South Africa and Its Impact on Growth and Inequality – Paper
  • Institutions, Structures and Policy Paradigms: Toward Understanding Inequality in Africa – AEA


On other issues

  • Extreme Inequality: Evidence From Brazil, India, the Middle-East, and South Africa – Paper and Presentation
  • When Inequality Matters for Macro and Macro Matters for Inequality – Paper
  • Estimating Unequal Gains Across United States Consumers With Supplier Trade Data – Paper and Presentation
  • Why Does Portfolio Choice Correlate Across Generations? – Paper
  • Ten Years after the Crisis: A Lost Decade? – Paper
  • Military Expenditures And Income Inequality, Evidence From A Panel Of Transition Countries (1990-2015) – AEA
  • Tax Rates and Progressivity: Was the System More Progressive when the Top Rate was 91 Percent? – Paper and Presentation
  • Rising Inequality, Household Debt, And The Slow Recovery After Great Recession – AEA
  • Consumption Inequality and The Frequency of Purchases – Paper
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, Technological Change and Inequality – Paper
  • Same Storm, Different Disasters: Consumer Credit Access, Income Inequality, and Natural Disaster Recovery – Paper
  • Rethinking Inequality in 21st Century – Financial Sector, Household Balance Sheet Structures and Distribution in the United States Since 1980s – Paper
  • The Effects of Technical Change: Does Capital Aggregation Matter? – AEA

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