Housing View – December 15, 2017

On cross-country:

On the US:

On other countries:

  •  [Australia] Housing Accessibility for First Home Buyers – Reserve Bank of Australia
  • [Australia] Chinese capital controls send tremor through Australian property – Reuters
  • [Australia] Australian housing markets hurt by Chinese capital outflow restrictions – Global Property Guide
  • [Australia] ‘Share of foreign ownership in Australian housing market not significant enough to raise concerns’ – Global Property Guide
  • [Australia] Construction boom poses risk to housing markets in Australia – Global Property Guide
  • [Canada] Three Things Keeping Me Awake at Night – Bank of Canada
  • [Canada] Shadow Lending Growing as Canadians Chase Housing Dream – Bloomberg
  • [Canada] Jennifer Keesmaat: It’s time to rethink Canada’s housing system – Maclean’s
  • [Canada] Is Canada One Step Closer to Declaring Housing a Human Right? – Citylab
  • [China] Beijing housing demolitions spark rare street protests – Financial Times
  • [Germany] Unemployment Benefit Recipients: Causes, Reactions and Consequences of Housing Relocations – SpringerLink
  • [Germany] The Americans are coming to Germany – Global Property Guide
  • [Greece] Why real estate prices in Greece are set to rise? – Global Property Guide
  • [Ireland] Housing Supply Coordination Task Force for Dublin – Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government
  • [Netherlands] Brexit Refugees Heading to Amsterdam Raise Local Housing Concern – Bloomberg
  • [New Zealand] New Zealand looks to ban foreigners from buying houses – Financial Times
  • [Singapore] Singapore land supply for private housing in H1 2018 almost steady – Reuters
  • [Sweden] Amortization Requirements Benefit Well-Off and Hurt Liquidity-Constrained Housing Buyers – Lars E.O. Svensson
  • [United Kingdom] Britain’s buy-to-let boom is coming to an end – Economist
  • [United Arab Emirates] Abu Dhabi, Property Market Outlook, Winter 2017 – Cluttons



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